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  1. Because we are often in port for several days before the cruise, the laundry room is my friend. We are usually in our cabin between 1 and 2 in the afternoon and the laundry room is my first stop. As some else mentioned, mix and match when it comes to wardrobe. DH and I have done 32+ day cruises with one large case and roll aboard each.
  2. Stick around sofietucker, you were trying to help, and in my book that counts for something!
  3. Yup, sounds like you have some issues....hope it is an easy and quick resolution for you.
  4. Not sure this applies, but Saturdays seems to be a time when work takes place on the Oceania website. There’s been several threads where people write about account info, scheduled cruises, etc disappearing from their accounts. This could be what you’re experiencing. It seems to me the duration of this usually falls into 24 hours.
  5. We were told mid-ship (center) and the lower you go in the ship, the less motion you will experience. Our cruising experience with Oceania has been exclusively on R-ships and we are okay with the motion booking mid-ship and usually on decks 7 or 8. The R ships also have what I think are good stabilizers. YMMV
  6. Best thing in my email this a.m. Wishing Oceania all the best as they move forward to accomplish this goal.
  7. Indeed, and I sure do remember. For us, we have had a number of cruises that were cancelled and one we decided to re-booked until mid-2022, hoping that things will get back to some semblance of normal. Wishing you the best that your Nautica/October cruise sails in a way that works for you.
  8. Same here. Was happy to read that you both are doing well.
  9. In reading the points you’ve made, is it possible you would be better served to wait until such time in the future when cruising and the impact of Covid no longer is an issue and you wouldn’t be faced with the possibility of dealing with Oceania’s rip off pricing? Or considering one of those lines where you will only have to pay a quarter of the price and be on a ship that is in better condition. Jus a thought, maybe Oceania isn’t the right fit for you.
  10. I find what is happening on this board as far as the tone of comments, no different then what is on a great many social platforms, and unfortunately in some day to day interactions. It seems we have lost our filters and the ability to accept different opinions. In all our years cruising with Oceania, we have never encountered this type of situation on any of our cruises. We love Oceania for the itineraries, their beautiful ships, the crews that go above and beyond, the food and the interesting people we have met along the way. You alone know what is best for you. I wish you well in making your decision.
  11. We took the WHO Carte Jaune , our yellow cards with us when we had our shots. The nurse went ahead and added the Covid vaccinations and gave us the CDC card as well. Who knows what we will need when it all shakes out.
  12. I agree. They were setting up in anticipation of the Vero system being implemented. The running/walking track were a cooler always sat by the forward exit door, had workers plumbing in a water connection and installing the Vero water dispenser unit. In this COVID era it will be interesting to see how peoples personal Vero bottles are handled after being ashore. From a sanitary standpoint, will these be collected to be properly sanitized before being brought on to the ship?
  13. Same here. When you consider we enjoy the top shelf spirits, Oceania’s does a ‘small pour’, so one needs to order a double and no 18% gratuity, in doing the math we usually break even or we come out ahead with regard to the cost.
  14. And last time we cruised, Feb/Mar 2020, there was still bottled water available just as you left the ship when in port.
  15. Our sympathies to Stan. Never had the pleasure of meeting them, but Jim was such a wealth of information and so willing to share his knowledge. May he rest in peace....Fair Winds and Following Seas.
  16. We are also scheduled for that cruise. Our longest cruise to date has been a 38 days sailing on Insignia, a segment of the 2018 cruise from Sydney LA. We were not ready to get off the ship then and would have loved to sail on to Miami. Our perfect cruise is anything over 30 days, but as others have said this is a question only you can answer. We find Oceania to be a perfect fit. Itineraries, life on board, the ports and the joy of seeing new and interesting things are something that so far we never get tired of.
  17. All valid points, Jan. However, I'm still left wondering why after a couple of days with this thread, there has been no answer to a simple question do in-house agents receive a commission? In fact there has been real push back as to why the the question was even asked. Jancruz is someone that for me, is a valued contributor, I've enjoyed her insight for years on all things Oceania. I believe she could answer this question easily. Unless this is something that Oceania Cruise Lines does not want to be common knowledge, and that only leads me to asking why? I can't speak for zoncom, but I don't give a fig about the how much, none of my business. Commissions and all other variations of addition remuneration are a fact of life. I don't find them suspect if paid to an in-house Oceania agent or to one's own trusted travel agent. When it comes to cruising, I share ToxM's philosophy, and that is due diligence. I do a boatload of research before ever contacting my agent. I prefer to know the answers to most of my questions before ever making the call or sending the email. I've always assumed that the Oceania in-house agents receive a commission and it is most likely merit based. So, why the secrecy?
  18. Personal questions are something that an individual can either answer or not, and I have no argument with that. Zoncom asked if Oceania agents received commission. He evidently asked an individual, but in my opinion was coming here to see if others had an answer to what is Oceania’s company policy. So I don’t believe your argument of an individual pertains here Pinot. And I stand by point, the initial respond to the OP was rude and not helpful.
  19. Geeze, two helpful answers😳, aren’t you glad you asked, zoncom😂 Didn’t know that asking a question on CC had to be accompanied by a reason for asking. I’ve wondered this myself, and if I must have an answer as to why, I guess simple curiosity.
  20. ‘....wait and see’ is exactly the attitude we are currently taking. We remain hopeful that this cruise will happen and that Oceania will recover fully from this unprecedented time.
  21. Lyn, I agree. This may be the way of doing business for the cruise lines for some time to come. And while I can see why they are doing it, for us and the scope of our next cruise, we may want to rethink doing the cruise in 2021 and hold off until 2022.
  22. We have had some excellent Oceania shore excursions in the past, so ship tours only would not be a deal breaker for us. The sticking point for us is not being able to leave the ship and walk around the port on our own. Totally understand the rational for Oceania's decision, but there are ports where we have been before and don't want an organized tour, nor to be guided around the port in a group. We have an extended trip booked for late July 2021. It is my hope that if tours are still up in the air on how they will be conducted, Oceania will extend final payment until they can give passengers a solid answer to how tours/time off the ship will be handled.
  23. You know Lyn, I considered that, but they are so busy that first day and it is so easy to put those items in the cases under the bed. I always tell the room steward where those items are and it’s easy to put them back when I’m packing up. Works for us
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