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  1. Agreed, FF. The first time I found my booked cruises missing, was a bit of a stomach dropping moment. I think a reassuring ‘calm down’ from a seasoned Oceania cruiser would have been very helpful, considering the thoughts going through my mind🤯
  2. Let the countdown begin. Congratulations!!
  3. I respectfully disagree. I found the locks fascinating and read David MC Cullough’s book, The Path Between the Seas, before the cruise. Knowing the history of what it took to accomplish that construction, had me viewing and enjoying the entire transit.
  4. Go-Bucks, I need to clarify, cbb said she wouldn’t be doing something on CC, the reference to your 2019 thread was my using that as an example. I apologize for leaving you with the impression that was from cbb.
  5. cbb and Mr.Wonderful are doing a blog. I think I remember reading something where cbb said she wouldn't be doing one on CC like Go-Bucks! did last year. Here is the link I have to follow cbb&MrWonderful.... http://drdavebradley.blogspot.com/2020/01/
  6. I think this is just a shame! A long time, helpful CC member gives her opinion and observation on aspects of the Oceania and Crystal cruise lines. Let the nitpicking begin!!! These are opinions and observation, helpful to some and irritating to others. Why members can't read what is offered and move on is beyond me. What is offered in reviews will never sway me one way or another to cruise on a particular line. I just appreciate their insights and move on. However, when it comes to selecting the line I cruise with, I will go to a well informed travel agent and people I personally know to help make those decisions. Thank you LHT28 for taking the time to share your thoughts.
  7. That would be unfortunate if what Dottie is doing is the route that Oceania is going to choose. Any line that is incessantly trying to sell me something will not be one I stay with. Also in that type of environment buying anything would also be the last thing I do....I’m allergic to the hard sell😝
  8. After our second cruise with Oceania and with two more on the books, the mailings abruptly stopped. We then started receiving mailings from Regent. We have no interest in Regent and asked the mailings to be discontinued. The continued to come. Finally spoke to an Oceania representative and said if you must market me, please send Oceania brochures. He said it would take about six weeks and it did. I love receiving the brochures, it was never at the excessive amount described here, and I hope that it stays that way.
  9. We like the Intercontinental at Circular Quay. Book a Club floor room. Beautiful harbor side roof top area, nice breakfast and evening drinks and appetizers.
  10. In all our Oceania cruises, it is just as FF described. Meet in the theater, take your tickets to turn in at the desk and then given you're given a plastic card with a number. When number called you exit as a group to the pier, where you locate the buses/etc, waiting with a driver/rep with said number of the tour you're taking. Afternoon can be either a theater or pier meet, but this is always noted in the Currents the night before or any last minute changes are announced by the CD.
  11. You make some excellent points. How does one go about finding this type of Broker?
  12. I received the very same info yesterday. Seems so very odd.
  13. alaskaca


    Thanks LHT28. I believe as you describe, this is for staterooms?
  14. To all of you that are leaving the ship and heading home, safe travels. It has been such an honor and joy to accompany you on this amazing trip....a BIG THANK YOU to Go-Bucks! for creating this thread!!!
  15. When it comes to soda, we are Diet Coke drinkers (with Caffeine), and Oceania has always had that. While never looking for the Caffeine Free variety, they carry a number of sodas that fall in the Coke family. I'm sure someone else will chime in with a definitive answer. Have a wonderful cruise, Insignia is a lovely ship.
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