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  1. I'll take Spirit class for 1000 Alex.
  2. You need to close your browser and retry or delete all the allstate cookies from your browser. I have had this happen also. If you log out and then try and go back without closing your browser you get this problem.
  3. Yes there is a way to cash out in the casino but why bother with cruise cash when gift cards are refundable without having to take any action? If you have leftover money from a giftcard they will automatically send it to you in the form of another gift card after the cruise.
  4. No problem you are welcome! I can only find tracking via my phone. Internet explorer, firefox, and Edge do not give me tracking on my laptop.
  5. I take it you found it ;). When I log onto allstate on my computer at home with firefox it will not show the tracking info for some reason!
  6. I logged into the allstate app on my phone , scrolled down a bit , and clicked " view local offers" This brought up my chrome browser on my phone where I logged in. After logging in I went down to the account section at bottom and clicked on it. This is where I found history and tracking for my order . Find the history that shows your purchase and click on "view details" . This is where I found UPS tracking number. I just bought three cards today and this is what it shows on my phone below. Tracking not available yet because I just ordered.
  7. I did my first order recently with allstate and it was very smooth. I ordered three 500 dollar cards and they came the usual UPS signature required way. No tracking was sent via email as usual but when i logged into the website from their app link on my phone I found tracking number which was nice to have. The limit was 10 cards of each denomination from my "test" of limits which is good.
  8. It sure is! I have about abandoned ship so to speak with AARP rewards!
  9. Not only is it 10 dollars for the Krispy Kreme card, you have to be a member to get this killer deal 🀣. Move over Coke and Verizon rewards, I have a new worst rewards program that has been changed!
  10. I got the email for 2k also but everyone here seems to get the emails prior to me. Usually when I open the email someone here has already given out the code. I didn't know about the 2k one I just took a guess....... Must be some detective cabo in me 🀣
  11. Thanks, but apparently I used that one already. Or at least Allstate says so πŸ˜‰
  12. Modify it to 19purplepurse2k for 2000 more πŸ™‚
  13. I think John Heald has cleared up that is okay to bring soda onboard from the ports. The cruise contract does state that alcohol bought in the funshops onboard or from ports will be taken until the end of the cruise. No such mention is made for sodas/ non alcoholic beverages so my interpretation is it is okay to do so. I don't personally bring soda on from the ports as one 12 pack is more than enough for me. But like you said, your mileage may vary with Carnival!
  14. Actually the cruise contract is non specific on bringing beverages in from ports. if you read the direct language it does not state " only " at embarkation. "A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought on board on embarkation day, only if carried on in Guests’ hand luggage (not in checked luggage). " Punctuation means a lot here, meaning only if carried in the guest's hand luggage. It does not clarify if you may bring some from the ports. The comma means a lot here! You may only bring it in your carry on language is what it says here.
  15. Start on this very thread and work your way backwards. There are a lot of codes here. Certainly enough to pay off a cruise.
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