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  1. My cruise for May 9th paid for with all gift cards was cancelled April 2nd and I have not received any new gift cards as of now 7-5-20. I am going to call Costco who I booked with to check status tomorrow.
  2. With all the cruises cancelled and people getting credit I imagine demand for the cards has fallen off a cliff right now. Hope this doesn't affect Allstate to stop carrying the Carnival cards. They have been out of the 100 and 1000 cards for a while now and usually they refill them fairly fast.
  3. No doubt about that. I am just saying the " past guest" rate has disappeared as far as I can tell. There are a few other rate classes but they aren't very good pricewise usually. The big push is for ES pricing. The closest I could find for my May 31 Alaska cruise next year is a "Sail you soon rate" which is 40 more than ES but doesn't have the 2 category upgrade of past guest so when I choose the room I want the rate has gone up even more. I now mostly book ES and leave additional passengers as TBA so I still have some flexibility so that works for me.
  4. That is true but I have not seen a past guest rate in quite some time.
  5. Guess we all got the same email today 😉
  6. It didn't work for me either. I think we may have gotten this code earlier in the year from someone here? It won't tell you if it has been used already like it used to. I tried to check my history but it no longer shows more than the last 20 transactions for me.
  7. 8B is forward or aft on deck 7 of the Freedom but if you go down to deck 6 then 8B is midship.
  8. They are the same essentially. I am guessing the 8C is midship while the 8B is forward or aft. Then on the deck above the 8C will likely be forward or aft and then midship would be 8D. The cabin amenities are all the same for regular balcony rooms. It is just the location and deck level that changes the classification. Higher decks are higher categories.
  9. That and probably Carnival gave them a deal to keep some cash flowing in.
  10. Got an email for 2020springsavings worth 1000 today. Trying the variants now. Springsavings2020 yielded another 1000 points.
  11. Carnival will always send a new gift card. Per their gift card website they are not reloadable. I have cancelled a few cruises paid with gift card and they are always sent back to me as new gift cards and it comes as FEDEX 2nd day air every time.
  12. No problem! Interesting read. Someone has faith in Carnival stock. That's a huge bet.
  13. Maybe they were referring to the purchase of 1.25 million shares by a board member. https://investorplace.com/2020/04/insider-buying-news-carnival-board-member-buys-ccl-stock/
  14. I will steer it back onto topic. I bought 1000 shares at 8.16 a share. Carnival now has enough funding to go with no revenue until at least Q1 of next year. I think they will be okay. Big Saudi purchase and a CCL exec just bought millions of dollars worth.
  15. People cashing out in the casino is anything but a secret. It has been mention here on Cruise Critic more times than I can count. Search for " Casino trick " and see how many threads come up here!
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