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  1. Per the Allstate website you don't need to have insurance through them to join drivewise. It is a great program but is very quirky with signing up and logging in can be troublesome occasionally. The main thing I heard people have trouble with is you have to create your rewards account through the app first. If you try and set it up not using the app such as a laptop it will not work. People with this problem had to call Allstate and have the rep delete the account entirely and then re do it through the mobile app.
  2. I was on hold with Carnival for 2 hours recently! Good luck!
  3. It's likely because you added them after final payment. I always add mine when I book knowing that I can remove them later if necessary without any trouble. I like getting the gift card discount on my gratuities and everything possible 😉 . The electronic gift cards on Allstate are finally working right and it is a great option!
  4. Carnival has been unable to get into the 21st century when it comes to adding gift card money to one's sail and sign account. Instead of doing from the convenience of home, one must waste an agent's time to get money added. they say you can do it at the kiosks but it has never worked for me.
  5. I don't have Discover but this is good for everyone here to know that! I just logged into Allstate Rewards and couldn't find anything that shows they accept paypal.
  6. Someone out here a while back pointed out that if you have the Bank of America customized cash rewards Visa and choose online purchases you will get 3 percent on top of the 10 percent via the rewards program from Bank of America rewards. I have tried this and it did work.
  7. That is because most roll calls are now formed on the social media site that shall not be named.
  8. If you book online with Carnival the 2nd person will book as TBA automatically showing your last name and birth date. I have added the name practically at final payment without issue. The problem with booking as a solo is if you wait too long there is a small potential not to be able to add a second passenger despite the fact that your room has two beds. This can happen if too many 3 & 4 person rooms fill up and the lifeboats do not have the capacity for you to add someone. If you go the TBA route and no one goes with you, you will not be charged the port fees or gratuities for the empty spot.
  9. I tried that and it didn't work for me. It was all or nothing.
  10. You are correct. It does raise cash but at the expense of current stockholders when the price dips a bit and then later if and when they have any earnings to create a dividend it will be smaller per share.
  11. When the stock starts to get higher is when Carnival acts and creates more shares out of thin air to sell and dilutes the price of the stock. It's been a while since they have done this so it should happen again soon. Taking the pizza and cutting it into thinner slices is all it does.
  12. Carnival seems to have gotten much better at refunds, at least from my perspective. I booked through Costco and have had three cruises cancelled. Last may cruise refund took 5 months plus, then Aug cancelled cruise took 3 months, then my recently cancelled Alaska cruise for this May only took 8 days!
  13. That is a good thing. Looks like Carnival may have figured on big savings doing this. 2nd day air isn't that cheap, even for a volume shipper.
  14. I have not seen the past guest rate in quite some time. It is fully refundable until final payment date, but for me anyways, this rate code has gone the way of the Dodo.
  15. My last cruise that I got refunded was for May of 2020 and they sent me back three separate gift cards in three FEDEX envelopes that all arrived the same day. I don't know if Carnival has changed tactics since then because my last two cancelled cruises I took the FCC and transferred everything over to the new cruises.
  16. They always sent me multiple gift cards back via FEDEX 2nd day air, and they were all separate, which seems rather expensive to me. I know Carnival is a huge FEDEX customer, but it still has a lot of cost to be sending separately!
  17. It sure will, as it essentially is a clean slate without all the accumulated cookies. This is the simplest workaround for the less tech savvy 😉 . The trouble usually arises when you log in and then log out but don't close your browser. If you try to re log in it will tell you that you already have an account and will try to locate by using your birth date which never works. This is where clearing cookies or using incognito mode helps you get back in. Just checked and it also worked by closing my browser and then reopening it.
  18. You best log in to Allstate rewards and read the terms and conditions for RC gift certificate(not a gift card). Line number 12 would concern me. "Certificate is nonrefundable and not replaceable whether lost, stolen or if booking is cancelled." So if you have to cancel your cruise you might just lose all that money you spent on certificate.
  19. Carnival could easily get around this with a stipulation that if you go over 15 drinks at HMC you would be billed at face value any drinks in excess of 15. They obviously can track how much you buy a la carte so they could do this also. But we know they won't because it's all about the almighty dollar. If I had cheers I would be "reverse smuggling" and bringing cheers drinks in a small cooler 12x12x12 as allowed to bring on ship at embarkation.
  20. This thread has a lot of good information so I believe it should be kept open because if it is archived eventually it will end up in the information dust bin and newer members may not find this thread. I knew there would be a moderator intervention because the thread did go way off course for a bit. I am sure the thread will now steer back onto Allstate gift cards for Carnival. Hope the cards come back soon, as the way all three denominations disappeared at the same time is a bit unsettling.
  21. Hope springs eternal through rose colored glasses. We can't even dine outdoors in CA and you think you will be boarding a ship in a little more than 8 weeks? I give you credit for being an optimist!
  22. 2012 was the Concordia disaster but I am unable to find any info on a 2012 bankruptcy.
  23. I found a single picture from 2016 on cruisedeckplansdot com https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/stateroom-details.php?ship=Carnival-Miracle&cabin=4114 Some from sister ship Legend https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/stateroom-details.php?ship=Carnival-Legend&cabin=4114
  24. Here is a tour of the same room on sister ship Legend. Edit Sorry wrong room this is room 4112.
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