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  1. Thanks... We're scheduled to be on a 2BR ATS in October, and given the current protocols seriously considering whether to bring our 3.5 year old, or even cancel. I know it's only been a day since y'all boarded, but how has the experience been so far with unvaccinated kids? Thanks for the insights! Mike
  2. Would you mind sharing some more details on the Star Class boarding process? An earlier message mentioned that all guests had to go through the same check-in line.
  3. Different rules are currently posted for different departure points and sailings... best resource is to go to the source: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center July and August sailings out of Florida has very clear guidelines, as well as the one for Adventure of the Seas out of Bahamas... so far testing is required for all 3 before boarding. And some of them even during the cruise as additional testing.
  4. I know I'm coming to the thread late and will likely be the contrarian view, but I missed this since I was sailing on the Summit this past week. What I will say is that as a parent to a 3 year old, after going on the Summit without him last week, I'm looking forward to booking a Celebrity cruise and bring him along over the next few months. So I'm sure you will have a great time with them! Celebrity's rules for unvaccinated children under 12 are the easiest to manage, since there's fewer testing required than RCL's and more activities open for them than Carnival. We stopped by to check out the kids club and it had a lot of activities planned, with very few kids on the ship, meaning a LOT of individual engagement from the staff (since our son is a toddler, this is a plus, though if he was older he might miss having other kids to play with). Additionally, unlike other cruise lines masks are "recommended" for children, which once again takes away the stress of trying to keep a mask on a 3 year old. Not sure how long sailings will be at such reduced capacity, but the amount of people onboard were so few, that in most cases you get a VERY large area of the ship to yourself when people want to socially distance... At the same time, it's important to admit that we're not fans of excursions that cram people into buses and normally prefer to stay on the ship, or go off on our own someplace we can walk from the ship, so that also minimizes our interactions with other people in confined spaces. Hope you have a great time on your cruise with your family!
  5. We also just got off this same sailing yesterday, and we opted to take a cab both ways... it was a breeze, and cheaper than the Celebrity transfers (I think it was $25 for airport to port and $29 for the port to airport ride - this was for the actual ride, and not per person like X's transfers).
  6. Hi everyone... just got home after a great week on board the Summit... Turns out we didn't get the upgrade. I guess our bid was "on reserve" in case the passengers staying in either of the rooms we had bid on missed the ship. When we checked in I asked about it and the concierge who was helping us mentioned that all the passengers in the room we had put a bid on had already checked in... We were excited about our original room we had booked, so while getting upgraded would have been awesome, wasn't even something we thought about afterwards (and we were able to pocked the bid amount and go spend it elsewhere).
  7. Hi everyone, Sailing on the Summit in a couple of days, and after anxiously awaiting the result of my MoveUp bid, 2 of my 3 bids were rejected, while one of them was sent to the ship for "onboard review". I was wondering if anybody had gone through that process, and if I should even hold out hope to get the move up bid approved, or if if the odds are so low that I should unpack as soon as I board (and get suitcases delivered). Either way, we're happy in our current room, but if there's a chance.... Thanks! Mike
  8. Congrats on the move and the celebrations you'll be having on the Edge!!!
  9. The St. Maarten timeline changes on July 1st, to where St. Maarten also requires it within 72 hours, not the 120 anymore.
  10. We are scheduled on the July 3rd sailing on the Summit... we debated back and forth changing to the Edge, but there has been so much uncertainty on FL rules that we decided to stay the course (at least for now...). My flight equation was: Staging in Miami the night before, and scheduled to fly on the first flight out of Miami to SXM, gives us several fallback options in case of issues... Our return flight, is the same as yours, and given the rules it seems we would be able to go straight into the airport from port, so just arming ourselves with patience ahead of time.
  11. I am doing almost the same thing for our July 3rd Summit sailing. We are flying in on Friday to Miami (with enough time to have backup flights that day), and heading on the first flight from Miami to SXM... I normally prefer to arrive a day earlier, but flight options, testing requirements and work logistics complicated that plan so much that we figured this gave us a backup, where we could hopefully get on alternate flight options from FLL or MIA later or on other airlines like Jetblue or even Spirit... After reading some of these posts though, it reminded me to get insurance, since I wasn't aware we wouldn't be allowed to board at the next port.
  12. The latest notice (and the process from last week in St. Maarten) is that they will check your vaccination card at the port, since they want to see the actual card and not a picture or photocopy. The main question is going to be on the upcoming Edge cruises, if they can't work things out with the new law that was passed there. But essentially, Celebrity has been pretty upfront saying that their cruises require the passenger to be vaccinated 14 days before sailing, so it's on the passenger to make sure they comply before getting to port, otherwise they'll be turned away.
  13. When the cruise line comps you, it is normally a cruise only fare in some cases (with other inclusions added by them)... which might be the case for the blogger mentioned above.
  14. This was the explanation I was given by the agent on the phone who took my call... Though I will also say that she was guessing the same way we all seem to be. She did mention that several groups were booked on it too, so she thought that may be a reason why they also took it off the website... Guess we have no more option than wait and see.
  15. While the theory wouldn't normally make sense, my Millennium July 3rd sailing no longer shows up out of St. Maarten, and I can see some itineraries for the Millie out of Seattle... Getting pretty concerned about this (on hold with Celebrity trying to find out "what is going on")
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