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  1. Even with your time chow time I get the schtick at least once per cruise and this always happens when I get some great table mates and we are bonding but, hey like the Quest which better never go away, the dining staff loud in your face napkin waving schtick is part of a Carnival cruise.
  2. Just came off the Horizon (my 2nd. Go round) I took the 8 night S. CARIBBEAN cruise ladt year. As a matter of fact, I'm seriously considerating repeating next September. Had a blast on the six nighter. Ship is great staff cool and friendly. However I doubt Ill do a cruise with a Stop in Jamaica unless I go with a group of friends/co-workers. I'll have to do one of my reviews. The ports of call on your cruise rock except La Romana. Ocho Rios is nice scenery but the locals hock you to death when you come off the ship. I get that crap in downtown Baltimore. Thanks but no thanks. Cozumel which I like also had the come bug me I'm a cruiser welcoming committee. I resorted to acting mentally challenged. This worked a bit. ( the r word)
  3. Thank you all for your replies. From what you are telling me, I hope to have him or John H. as CD. However, CD doesn't make or break my cruise. I chill and meet new friends.
  4. Always! Last year off Horizon, my friend had to get off the ship fast to get back online. Lets kust say I had "kittens." We ended up eatingbreakfast in Sobe called the Front Porch Cafe. Very good but very overpriced!
  5. Please and thank you. I keep hearing about a cruise director named Schwartz. I believe he may have been my cruise director on a truncated itinerary on the Vista. Thanks to Irma. If mymemory serves me he was OK during the 4 night cruise but on disembarkation day got snarky with his announcements. I was getting my last breakfast in when he said something like: "Time to leave the ship especially those taking advantage of a last meal.
  6. Been on the Breeze, Vista and Horizon. Actually, I give a slight edge toner Vista and Horizon. The latter 2 have the infra red sauna. The Breeze does not. One thing going for the Breeze? The ginormous thalassatherapy whirlpool. It hwr its owb seperate ara. The Thalassathherapy pool on Vista and Horizon is half the size of the Breeze. An observation on the Breeze; I sailed her when she was new in 2015. My cabin was on the hot stuffy side. Whereas my Vista and Horizon cabins got nice and cool. Not that I'm into decorating, the Breeze reminded me of a holiday inn in NewnJersy. The MDR seemed bland and the 70's earth tone elevators seemed tight and looked tired. Tan/earthtones can do that. However Id not hesitate and saul the Breeze again.
  7. I'm glad they kept the Gelato, Now if they could expand the gelato!
  8. Wow, it looks like a change from the tired American Table era. I sailed the Horizon on it's first southern Caribbean itinerary out of Miami last September and they still had the old menu. I don't remember seeing these choices. I'm hoping to do the exact cruise this September. I liked the ports of call that much and feel the few kinks of a first sailing will be ironed out. B TW, how's the linchtime Lido deck gelato station doing? I hope Carnival adds this across the board.
  9. Wow, just saw pictures (some renderings) of the Mardi Gras. I really like the colors, design and moderness of the state rooms. Nothing wrong with the Vista, Horizon and Breeze but, the Mardi Gras looks futuristic inside wise and less 1990's Holiday Inn, North Bergen, New Jersey. Restaurant looks good too. Note to Carnival please have the Mardi Gras have some Baltimore and Miami sailings. Please and thank you Carnival! Finally, Carnival is getting away from the austere Holiday Inn style Earth Tones. This looks brighter, more energy efficient and a breath of fresh ocean air!
  10. Always love helping out fellow cruisers. I have a lot to say on this topic but first some questions. 1. How are you getting to Miami? Flying, Driving? If flying, which airport? MIA or FLL? 2. Time element: How many nights pre and post cruise? 3. If coming in at least a day before est. arrival into Miami area? Now, here's what I do: First off, I'm an airline employee and fly non-revenue. My airline does not fly into MIA so, its FLL for me. I'm usually on a longer vacation/holiday so, though my cruise is the main event I have pre and post cruise activities. With the exception of maybe one year I'm not doing a hurry up just to get to the cruise trip meaning I like to have at least a full day and night in Miami. With that said, I do at least one night in Miami Beach. Actually you can get halfway decent hotel rooms right on the beach for the same or even less than downtown by the port. You do have to take a Lyft or Uber but, the rates from Mid Beach (North of South Beach) are reasonable. I stay at a place right on the beach with the promenade/boardwalk called the Crystal Beach Suites (around 7000 block Collins Ave. Across the street from the hotel there's a great Cuban place called Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine. A very good Chinese joint that delivers, Walgreens, even (barf out) a Dennys and Publix supermarket all within a city block of this hotel. It's not fancy by any means but its clean, comfortable, the A/C rocks and it's a small suite with a fridge, microwave, furnished with dishes, glasses, forks and even a dishwasher! The living room kitchen has a bar for seating and a double pull out sofa bed which is one of the most comfortable sofa beds I've ever experienced. Attached is the main bedroom with a Queen bed that does the trick. I do the pool and beach the day before and even on embarkation day, work out in the pool, take a dip in the ocean, clean up and off to the port for my cruise. Being an VPIF or whatever they call it, my embarkation time is around 1230 to 1330 hours. Usually it's an easy on to the ship. This way, I get my workout in so, I can get unpacked, meet new friends, get the lay of the ship and participate in the spa raffle which gives away certificates. For disembarking day, I view that as a necessary evil of cruising. Hurry up and get your ass off the ship. I make sure I partake in a nice final breakfast and depending on my friends, schedule, budget and flight loads leave this up in the air. I've just headed to FLL to fly home to Baltimore. Rented a car with my friends who live in the Tampa/St. Pete area and drive back there with them spending a couple nights there. Sometimes we do the 20 minute flight from FLL to TPA. Many times including last year off the horizon if time and budget allow me, I get a hotel room on Miami Beach for one to two nights though, I don't stay at the Crystal. I'm into a travel routine and equate the Crystal Suites pre-cruise. I've stayed at the Best Western Atlantic Beach Resort and the Shelborne South Beach too. Usually, I can check in early. However, last year we couldn't get into the room till after lunch, I was tired ended up sleeping. Got some time on the beach at dinner time. Me and my friend were so pooped we ended up getting pizza delivery that night. Normally, I'd walk Lincoln Rd. Mall or Ocean Drive. That was an expensive undertaking. I enjoyed it but, not worth two to three hundred bucks. The next day, I worked out in the hotel pool and went into the ocean, cleaned up and me and my friend drove to her house in St. Pete, FL. I say if you can do it, do at least one night pre and one night post cruise in Miami Beach. Just look our for good hotel deals and really push for an early check in after leaving the Port of Miami. Hope this helps. Happy cruising!
  11. I can't stress using www.insuremytrip.com Pretty easy and straight forward and worth it. Do not go through the cruise line Because their policy is skewered toward their benefit.
  12. I've been on 9 cruises all Carnival. I keep hearing from people that booked last minute and got rediculously low fares. For example on my recent 8 day cruise on the Horizon, several different fellow passengers were taking the next sailing which was a 6 day cruise. The paid under $500 and at least one was sailing solo! They had to disembark in Miami and do the embark process for the six day cruise. Worth it if you have the time.
  13. I Duck Duck Go.com an image search for Carnival map channel maps. This was the easiest to copy. I'm still surprised why the Horizon didn't have the navigation/map channel available. Glad to hear that that was an anomaly and not part of the cruise line's dollar store model of shrinking and eliminating amenities. Today, reduced channels and no citrus fruits in the cold water bowls at the spa. tomorrow the new lifesavers instead of the vests this:
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