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  1. Here's an updated picture of the collection. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Have you checked E-bay? There are several on there now. Not the ones you are looking for, but that changes all the time. Set a search up to e-mail you when one come on. Works great!!!!;)
  3. Glad to hear someone had a good cruise on the Dream. Thanks for taking the time to post your review. We are going on her in Dec.
  4. saw two people selling them on e-bay platinum gift binoculars
  5. That is correct. Have had to do that before. Lost 50 each and transferred 200 to new booking. Wasn't that big of a deal because new cruise was way less. But it was still a loss
  6. Would love to see other collections of the same type. I have an almost complete collection of every ship I've cruised. The first cruise we took was back in 1995 on the Commodore Cruise Line. I have never seen one of that ship. Not sure they were even made. I do have an aftermarket but not the same. No biggie. These ships can only be purchased on-board. I do see them on E-Bay quite regularly if you miss getting one on the ship. Done that before and even had a fellow Cruise Critic person purchased one for myself that was sold out when I cruised (Grand Princess).
  7. you'll love it and have a great time!!
  8. One thing to keep in mind is they have changed what time the Triumph is docking now to 8:30am at least for when we are going again in Nov. we received an e-mail for our Nov.1st 2012 & July 6th 2013 cruise stating that they have changed the arrival time to 8:30am from 8AM, not sure whats up as both times we are the only ship in Galveston on those days. Not sure if the Magic's time has changed. You would have received an e-mail if so.
  9. chair hogs!! for sure
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