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  1. After seeing many months of refund problems, I thought I'd post my experience. I filled out my request for a refund on 6/23/20 on Celebrity's website. I had booked my 8/27/20 cruise with an online TA, which was apparently a group rate. I just checked my credit cards (I used 2 cards) and both had multiple refunds from Celebrity posted by 7/1/20. After adding up the amounts, I have been refunded in full. I do not know if I was refunded so fast because of the group rate. Good luck to anyone still waiting. I hope it happens for you soon.
  2. Oops, I didn't see your reply. Thanks again, Travlr21. I think we'll keep 1122.
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded. My biggest concern now is that the balcony is smaller than normal.
  4. I'll keep this in mind. I've only been on the Reflection before and thought that was a nice balcony. When you were on the Constellation, did you have room for 2 people to both sit facing the water without bumping into the glass railing?
  5. Thank you for that info, but I don't have a printer icon that shows up on my screen. I am able to print things by Ctrl & P. Thanks again. I am able to do a search this way.
  6. Thanks, if I switch to deck 9, I will check to see if the pool or buffet is above me. Someone else mentioned they stayed in 1122 and it had a smaller balcony. Did you have a smaller balcony in 1114, 1116, or 1118? Those cabins are just a few cabins away from 1122.
  7. Hi Lolou127, I'll join the roll call if this is the cruise we end up picking. It does look like a great cruise and I like that it only has one sea day.
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm considering the August 27, 2020, Best of Western Mediterranean sailing on the Constellation. There are no regular balcony cabins left, so I put a hold on #1122 (Getting an A1 for the price of A2). There are also some aqua (A2) cabins available on deck 9. I can't figure out how to do a search in the M Class cabin sticky. For anyone who has sailed near where #1122 is, should I try to move to deck 9? I saw that the top deck has movies playing, but don't think that will be in issue as I should be awake during the movie hours. Or if there is anything else I should be conce
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