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  1. I did both in January 2014. Zipline was awesome but you're not interested in that...we did the eco walkway also and it was a lot of fun going across the suspension bridges, and learned a lot of interesting local information. I'd recommend it.
  2. Thank you so much for this honest and excellent review. As a New Yorker on a Mexican Riviera cruise at the time this was happening, I was hoping for something real to come out of someone. We were getting a bit of hype on our ship from CNN and the such, but I can only imagine the New York press was having a field day broadcasting every single gory detail. You seemed to have a great time despite the "event" and being solo.....I would NOT have liked to be in my cabin alone at that time. Hope your next cruise is on water as smooth as glass and you have a great time. BTW, lovely shot of the Freedom Tower at night.
  3. I was on my own Mexican Riviera cruise while this happened and the only info I could get was on CNN. So I'm interested in hearing what you have to say, good report so far!
  4. Come on over to the roll call we have going!
  5. Haven't been on the general Carnival CC board much but just happened to catch your review today, and since I am going on Miracle on the 13 days Journey cruise next year I was glad to see it. Wonderful review and I learned some stuff. I loved your room tour (we have a midship balcony); were you a radio announcer or something? Great voice, the tour seemed so polished. I was also glad to hear your opinion of Chloe Loddo....I've been hearing good things, but the only other female CD I ever had (Julie on NCL Breakaway) was very phony and I didn't think much of her. I have the Chef's Table booked but am now intrigued by the steakhouse under the red funnel. I'm going to go to the Malceon also; I have been informed how to get there with the bus aside from cabbing it, which I hear is quite an adventure in itself. We will see. Bummer about how they cannot open and close the pool roof while in motion, that seems to be a big minus to me.....have never been on Spirit class so this was great!
  6. I just found this thread. I'm cracking up. Hello fellow Journey's cruisers! I am certainly hoping they fix the pier in time for us, but safety first; I just hope any quick fix they cobble together is sturdy enough! I am not liking this line. I better buy large quantities of Bonine. I do want to add one thing. It sure wasn't just those of us on our roll call thread who would at least be questioning this, because a lot of people book shore excursions ahead of time, and for months, the ShoreEx page for Zihua has said....nothing! That would make anyone looking there suspicious as to what is going on with the port.
  7. Didn't even look on here, logged onto AARP rewards to get some points and behold...they were there! Already bought 5 but got one more.
  8. Oh please let me follow your entourage. We can be good groupies!
  9. My cruise ship in February will be porting overnight in PV, and the first night we have an excursion that does not start until 5:30 PM, so I figured in the morning we'd try to figure out how to get down to the Malecon. This has all been extremely helpful and I'm bookmarking and saving it. Bus shouldn't scare us too much....may not be as new and fancy as the ones in Manhattan, but as a New Yorker, we're used to wild rides!
  10. This is the second glowing review of the Chef's Table I've read lately. I really think I'm going for it this time since my next cruise is 13 days. Considering I get all that food, wine, a galley tour, a photo and special treatment for what I pay for a Shore excursion, it's good entertainment! Haven't been on Carnival for a couple of years. Does anyone remember if they have smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet, or is it only available in the MDR?
  11. Got my 4-$500 cards yesterday a few days after they called and confirmed from AARP Rewards for Good that I really ordered them and wanted them. They do that will all orders over $500 for gift cards. They required signature, I wasn't home, luckily my neighbor was out in front and the UPS guy who's been our route for ages let him sign for them. Yay!
  12. The one for DH came yesterday and needed signature since it was a $500 card. I got a phone call from AARP Rewards yesterday just confirming that I had placed the order for four of the $500 cards and confirming my personal info. She said when an order is that large they like to confirm the order is correct before they send out. So mine are on their way!
  13. Oddly, we bought one card with DH's points and he got notification of shipment yesterday....I bought four and still no notice. I have the receipt that my cards were ordered, but I'm a bit perplexed....obviously no rhyme or reason to when they are shipping to who!
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