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  1. Exactly. I often will get up and go into the buffet for lunch and then return to the chair. 60 minutes is plenty. 30 is pushing it. I’d never hold a chair for hours.
  2. It’s my first time on a Breakaway Plus class ship too. There are concerns in my head but we will have a great time no matter what! I think the unanswered questions we have are just that.....no answers yet!
  3. Thanks for the clarification on the pools and I can see those blue areas are catch basins now. I’m getting the idea. I have another question now. On that pic of the Bliss pool area above, there’s what appears to be a running track on the deck above. Does that mean no lounge chairs there either? That’s where we usually sat. Caught the overflow from the pool area. Looking more and more like there are less and less chairs in the sun. on another topic, putting all of this above into the realm of inconsequential stuff, please anyone in the hurricane area be careful and safe. As I’ve said I have a house in Florida (currently being battened against the storm) but am in NY now so I’m personally ok. I do have many friends and relatives I’m concerned about. If anyone’s on a canceled cruise it’s a good reason. Safety comes before anything!
  4. son of a son of son of a ... thanks for providing me with a straight answer to my pool question in the middle of all these trolls on the bridge and idiocy.
  5. Ok so really dumb question.....from the top view, those two tiny little blue squares are the pools? That’s sort of frightening if they are!
  6. The top deck of the ship is beginning to resemble the NYC skyline.....
  7. That would be a nice thing if they significantly lowered vibe price especially since I’ll be on a 13 Dayer BTW Choir of Man show now showing as free on the NCL website.
  8. Interesting to note in the video posted that there is not a wonky-C on the lifeboat shown. Wonder if they had them. I’ll be laughing every time I see the name on the ship knowing what was. I’m doing the 13 day Panama Canal repositioning in November 2020. I looked at my itinerary and we have 5 sea days plus the day we actually go through the canal, where people I assume will be watching rather than sunbathing. One of the five sea days is leaving out of NY and think it will be too cold for sunbathing. That leaves four days where that pool deck space will be up for grabs. I’m wondering how many days it’ll take for the revolt over available space to happen. I’m thinking they may open Vibe at night to everyone for outside parties. In their money grabbing they’ve gone way overboard (pun intended) in having too many areas fee activities. Virtual reality, laser tag, race track (which I will do) and Vibe. It will be interesting to see the reaction, glad I’m not on one of the earlier cruises!
  9. Steff79 thank you for all the beautiful pictures. Great work and much appreciated! Look at those “Cs”......how many people will ever know about the wonky ones?
  10. I seriously am hysterical laughing that wonky C-gate has been addressed!
  11. Hi there! Are you on the roll call? Not that there are many of us on there, but we are way out from sail away. I’m a bit concerned about the pool situation also but I will for sure be on that race track!
  12. Kristie B, exactly, except my cabin price had not moved. So I still got the same cabin, 20% more off it and my two Cruise Next deposits also stayed put, as did my din8ng package. Saved over $600. Unless your cabin price went up tremendously, it has be a savings!
  13. I’m booked for the New York to Miami Panama Canal cruise November 2020. Been checking prices daily (right now in inside cabin 😢). Checked cruise prices this am and to our surprise a 20% drop in price.....apparently for Latitudes members. Shock and awe!
  14. My head is spinning after reading this entire thread. Just booked the November 2020 Panama Canal that leaves from NYC and ends in Miami. Panama Canal has long been on the bucket list and the timing and the start and end ports work perfectly for us. DH is a gym rat who goes when it opens in the AM and I may have to send him for lounge chairs then but....🤔😋. I do have a few concerns now after reading all of this but let’s see what develops over time, I would have plenty of time to cancel if need be which will hopefully not happen. One question which I’m sure is answered elsewhere but can someone tell me quickly that the go-cart charge is?
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