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  1. Good to see this thread still running Last cruise was end of 2019 That was on Jewel .. all facility's where open then I'm going on Jewel OTS again end of October . Greek islands Will report back .. not expecting sauna to be open but🤞
  2. UPDATE.. Some good news in this sad time RCCL Explorer of the sea has had its amplification cancelled On the upside the free mens sauna and steam room now remains for another day 😄
  3. Anthem the same If you want free U have to go ship's that are older the Oasis shops Even some older ships are losing the free areas when being refurbished Indy freedom Rhapsody vision are still free
  4. What date are you sailing ? I'm on Dawn the 29th March It's over $210 ! I guess that because its 11 nights
  5. Hi Can only speak from my own experience from recent sailing and reading about refits Explorer will be losing hers in the refit in the next few week , unless they move it , im on her in July so will update then The below ships still have there sauna steam room on recent sailing on RC Indy Freedom Rhapsody Adventure Brilliance Jewel Vision Radiance Hope this helps
  6. Great .. thank you I guess theres no steam room But at least theres a sauna to go too 😁
  7. I just booked to go on Celebrity Eclipse April 21 Is there still a small sauna / steam room onboard that you dont have to pay for And whats in the payed area ? Thanks
  8. Hi I had a message off one of u guys Unfortunately I cant seem to be able to reply ? So I'm not ignoring you 😉 And my answer was Sorry I dont know to the question 😳
  9. They have done schedules up to early 2022 So it wont be too soon There slowly getting rid of there older ships or removing the saina areas unfortunately
  10. Rhapsody, independence and Brilliance all have single sex still Been on them in the last few weeks Going on Jewel at Christmas It still has according to last reports
  11. Hi Yes I e been on Sunshine a few years ago Had a very small sauna think it was in the changing room Single sex No one else used it when I was onboard that I could see
  12. I've not done the ships you mentioned , but I did preziosa and you had to pay for thermal area and it was co-ed And thats quite a new ship
  13. I'm not sure the updated list is correct I've been on Adventure of the sea since its refurbishment Sauna /steamroom free Rhapsody was too the last time I was on her just over a year ago And shes had no refurbishment in that time that I know of ?
  14. Thanks for looking , I had a look too and thought the same , can't see any difference in the layout So all looks good
  15. Thanks for info I'm going on Explorer July August 2020 b2b Sounds like after refurbishment Will update after the cruise
  16. Hi I've got a few cruises booked over the next year and if anyone could tell me if the sauna / steamroom are free etc would be great Rc Jewel OTS Rc Explorer OTS NCL Dawn Thank u 😀
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