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  1. We booked EZ Air but want to periodically check pricing to take advantage of a lower flexible air price on the same flight should it occur later. How do we check new pricing on the Princess website without cancelling what we already have? Thanks for your help Jean
  2. We also received email about change from Star to Grand without flights being listed on the new Booking #. Talked to our PVP this morning, and she said the old EZ air flight had been cancelled as of 9/1/20. We had to rebook the EZ air flights. Hope this helps. Ed & Jean
  3. Thanks, Paula. We hadn't looked there recently. Ed & Jean
  4. We also have a June 2021 cruise and have EZ air reservations. However, we have not received any documents yet. When did you receive yours? Ed & Jean
  5. Our son-in-law works in the Marketing Dept. at the Home office of Princess in Santa Clarita. Thursday was an extremely bad day for everyone that works there with many tears and disappointments all around. He did get to keep his job but said 80% of the people in his department (including supervisors) were either let go or furloughed. There were also senior executives dismissed there and several other Carnival Cruise Line brands. Our hearts go out to all of them as well as many other people in US and worldwide who have lost their jobs. This Pandemic doesn't favor anyone. Stay safe an
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