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  1. I see we have had several posts deleted. Perhaps another reason why postings here have slowed down considerably. What a shame.
  2. You may order a double shot and add it to your tumbler yourself if they do not combine it for you. I have done this with coffee and Bailey's
  3. I am happy to hear you are on the mend and off again on another trip soon. I currently buy an annual travel insurance policy rather than individual trip insurance as it tends to be heavy on features that don't interest me. That said, I was reviewing my plan the other day and was considering increasing the medical limit as it seems low by American standards. I hate to be the rube that asks this question, but, as a point of reference, would you mind sharing your hospital bill grand total? I understand if you'd rather not, but, nothing like hearing of a firsthand experience for emergency care. Happy Travels!
  4. This made me laugh so much that I've interrupted my reading to comment! "Later we would meet the international Champion of Cruising Blow Hards, Boasters and Sociopaths- but that will have to wait." Now back to the story. I can't wait!
  5. This was not my experience on the Dawn last November. I paid my excess over the stated value in each venue. So, future cruisers, YMMV!
  6. I'm not on the Getaway TA, but, reading what NCL has done to these cruisers at the last minute with inadequate compensation offered may just be my breaking point. It will certainly give me pause the next time I'm in the market for a cruise vacation.
  7. I've sailed 4, soon to be 5 times on Oasis class, and 3 of those times in a BB. They are my preferred cabin on Oasis class for the unique views, the very reason that you stated.
  8. Google Rome to US on April 21. Not terrible but could do better traveling midweek and probably find better from another Italian city or use cruise line air.
  9. I'm departing PIT on Thursday for an EVA Air flight to Bali from LAX with a connection in Taipei. Not quite the East Coast flight that the OP was looking for as I'm on a separate ticket from PIT and I do have 2 stops. Total travel time isn't too horrible though. About 10 months ago, I had seen a r/t economy fare offered at under $600 and couldn't resist. Of note, and of special interest to some, is that the TPE - DPS flight will take place on a Hello Kitty plane. It's not just the livery, but, the service items and even some of the food items are also Hello Kitty themed. I'm pretty tickled about this and I'll give up the East Coast departure this time to give it a try! 😂😍 http://www.evakitty.com/en/flight/routes.html#
  10. Booked a studio inside, price dropped and moved up to guaranteed OV and ended up assigned to a balcony. It was low and far forward, but, I didn't care. This was a win for me for what amounted to an inside cabin fare and gave me the double points for solo that I wouldn't have received in the studio.
  11. A little googling and I found two sources that describe a trail from the mirador to the lake near the village as 2 hours and 7.7 km. Look for Vista do Rei to Sete Cidades. As an aside, I've been to the mirador twice now and both times the lake view was shrouded in fog. Hope you get a nice day!
  12. If I understand your meaning, you're not seeing the total price on the first screen for the cruise. You must select your itinerary, dates and cabin type to see the totals with taxes. They make it pretty painful, for sure. Edit: In answer to your question, no. Drinks and dining are purchased after booking and paid for separately.
  13. Ditto the breakfast! This is what I prefer after a late, late night! When I was on Quantum in 2015, they were doing 24 hour Windjammer, but, the selection was just really dried out looking burgers and fries, as I recall. We tried to always get to Sorrento's before they closed instead of having to eat the dried out stuff a little bit later.
  14. You can still book with a refundable deposit, as well. You just pay a little bit extra total fare. Mine has usually been in the neighborhood of $65 to $100 or so, more. Unfortunately, I haven't found where I can actually see these fares online anymore and usually have to call my TA. Frustrating.
  15. Same here. Roll call threads only seem to load plus these help topics. Not NCL or Royal or Celebrity boards though.
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