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  1. I like it! So much so, that I immediately had to look at the sisters. It's like it belongs there for me!
  2. That still says trapeze school, too. Thought I read previously that it had been eliminated.
  3. Not seeing them on deck plans. The 12 studio balconies are all that I see. I book a regular cabin usually, because the studios can actually cost more at times and you don't get double points.
  4. These two cabins connect to a third on the Quantum - the adjacent balcony forward of the Jr. Suite - forming a Family Connected cabin. The idea was that the studio would be great as a bunkroom for kids traveling in the family group using the other 2 cabins and allow them to be booked separately when demand wasn't there. Guess this worked better in theory since it evolved back to individual disconnected cabins on later Q class.
  5. Absolutely starved for new(ish) reviews! Carry on..... (Harmony happens to be 2 of the 3 last cruises for me, so it will be great to see your photos!)
  6. Wow, 232 and 632 have some really long balconies! They look nearly as deep as the cabin itself.
  7. Having cruise withdrawal and stumbled across this review. I really loved your honesty about self improvements (which I also need to be diligent about) and wish you well. And Thanks for all the menu posts!
  8. My point is that Dubai is problematic for some from a tourism perspective and should not be met with inconsiderate remarks like were made earlier in this thread. I also think that oversimplifying the social rules as above can lead to unexpected trouble. Take into consideration that unmarried couples traveling together can't legally share a room, holding hands can be "excessive PDA" in some cases, a solo female traveler trying to keep fit by jogging fully covered in stifling heat so as not to attract unwanted attention, impacts on gay travelers feeling welcome, etc. Dubai is not a one-size-fits-all Paradise, even if it is on many bucket lists.
  9. Not personally experienced, but, have read accounts online. IMO, worth noting. One of the more reliable traveler websites. Scroll to the Departing Israel section. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/israel-entry-exit-travel-requirements/
  10. You may wish to do some research of your own before judging others choices. The UAE is not without it's own human rights problems. Migrant labor abuses and women's rights make the country unattractive as a tourism destination for many. Tourists must also adhere to some social rules with which they may not be comfortable. There is also the problem of the passport stamp if also planning on visiting Israel.
  11. Did the Dubai cruise on the second to last Splendour sailing in 2016. Loved it. I would say the ship was half Americans, actually, at that time, and I think there was also a Celebrity ship there at least part of that winter season. Things in the Gulf were more stable then, of course. Was really hoping RCCL would add the itinerary to coincide with World Expo. With Expo delayed by a year, I haven't actually looked yet to see who is sailing the Arabian Gulf in the early months of 2022. I remember a while ago looking at some of the really great pricing for Dec. 20 and Jan. 21 and since it overnights in Dubai, easily could do a B2B and get to the Expo for several days probably less than hotel would cost. But, Dubai hotels and service are also phenomenal.
  12. Not that I could tell as C&A balcony discount, state and senior discount weren't applied until after completion of the who's sailing info.
  13. Yes. TA Was told 3 times now, including by a supervisor, will lose the next cruise OBC - was $200 due to cruise length and should still be $200 on the new cruise - if I do change categories.
  14. I've got a little bit of wonky goings on with the outcome and just sharing in case others need to know. Was moved to an E3 obstructed cove balcony. Not the end of the world, but, tried to price moving to a non-obstructed balcony and they said that will result in the loss of my OBC, including the amount for Book Now certificate of $200. My TA has spoken to a supervisor that has confirmed this. It is unclear to me what will happen if I would transfer that deposit to another sailing at this point, which, should be permitted under the Next Cruise rules in place when I purchased in 2017. They are making it sound like I cannot do that at all anymore and retain any of that program's OBC because I used L&S. A little annoyed that this wasn't spelled out. I might have chosen more wisely instead of rushing to L&S since I assumed (correctly) that they would stick me in an obstructed balcony cabin from the Neighborhood. 😤
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