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  1. Off topic, but, I've tried and failed at "tagging" posters in the past. Care to share how to do it? Steeler who would be ever so grateful to learn a new trick. 😂😂
  2. Yes, I have a little bit of delay/interruption (would provide for quarantine) on my cc and a little bit more on my GEOBlue, but, typically "self-insure" the difference for the travel expenses themselves and would take the same approach for quarantine expenses, should I ever incur any. Good news about MedJet.
  3. Quarantine costs to the extent that Royal requires, from what I could tell. I was responding to some comment about the Florida cruise requirements, not Barcelona specifically. I made a trip to South Africa in May and for a while last fall, South Africa had similar language in their entry rules. I have yet to actually find a policy that provides full cost of quarantine coverage. SA dropped the requirement of proof of coverage so I ended my search.
  4. Does anyone actually know the answer? I'm on Voyager, also. Where can one find this on Voyager?
  5. For transatlantic cruises from Barcelona, all guests must present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, with the final dose of their vaccine administered at least 14 days before sailing. Guests without proof of vaccination will not be permitted to sail. Right in their Health Sail page for Barcelona
  6. Yes, provided they are permitted entry to the country from which the ship is departing. Each EU nation was given permission to set their own requirements for travelers back in June.
  7. Just another name for the MDR. At one point, the MDR's were split up into separate restaurants with separate menus in a concept called Dynamic Dining, which wasn't popular and abandoned years ago. I didn't think the concept was ever implemented on Oasis class, though the dining rooms on floors 3, 4, and 5 were renamed and re-decorated on the Oasis, Allure's sister ship.
  8. I don't think that you will have difficulty finding a testing site. Ask your hotel.. Check the airport as a last resort. Many offer them but you do pay for that convenience.
  9. That's taking it to the extreme when just passing through separate security lines/scanners should suffice. 😇
  10. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-restaurants-are-included-in-the-unlimited-dining-package
  11. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=barcelona
  12. I agree with you. While the complaints were loud and many, people still seemed to be sailing. I loved OG DD and wish they would have given it more of a chance. Before my sailing, the first leg to China in May 2015, I was really worried about the need to reserve and stories of long standby waits. I made reservations, but, by night 3, I went standby with no issues being seated within 5 minutes of arrival. Silk turned out to be my favorite and I would just order multiple appetizers and have dim sum.
  13. On the Royal Caribbean blog dot com today, Harmony protocols:
  14. I use Geoblue Trekker Choice. The "included language" in my policy specifically excludes coverage that meets Royal's new requirements, so I don't think you'd want my exact coverage as I prefer to self insure my travel expense coverage anyway, using what's available through the credit card to supplement. I took one international trip where even coverage for Covid medical treatment was excluded and bought a single trip policy that did. Covid medical coverage was added early this year to my policy. I understand quarantine reimbursements are often done through the travel delay clause in polic
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