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  1. On our last cruise which was a 28 Day Hawaii, Samoa & Fr. Poly. cruise, I did most of the laundry while I told my wife to take a nap. Out of the 6 times doing laundry, only 1 time did I see a lady doing the laundry. All of the other times it was anywhere from 2 to 4 guys doing the work and most of the time there were 3 of us. (Often the same fellows.) We all found it saved time if you went down to the Pursers Desk first for Tokens rather than trying to get them from the dispenser which usually just took your bills. But the TV worked and helped to pass the time. Several times some of the wives would stop in to tell their husband where they were off to, mine included which was usually Bingo! Just Mike
  2. We recently took the 28 Day Hawaii, Samoa & Fr. Poly cruise. We ordered 4 of the $6.90 qty's of water from the Personalizer and it was just the right amount for the cruise. You will love the Golden. Just Mike
  3. I agree with the others. However there are occasion on the Hawaiian Cruises that we have been on when a menu or two might include fish dishes that sound ;)Hawaiian. Just Mike
  4. ATD is our choice. If we aren't in a hurry we usually go down to the Piazza around 4:45 or 5:00 and find a seat, order a drink and watch the people. Then later go over to the Dining Room and ask for "Sharing" and usually are seated very shortly. However, if there is something that we want to do then Reservation is the way to go. Either way you can't go wrong and by the way, you will love the Golden Princess! Just Mike
  5. Greeting! We hope that you enjoy the "Suite Life"! As for laundry service, we have been fortunate enough 4 times to have had the opportunity to enjoy the Suite Life and of course we utilized the Free Laundry Service. ;) That is except for what the wife refers to as unmentionables and hosiery. :o Never had any issues. Fair Winds and Following Seas! :whiskey-glass: Just Mike
  6. This was a great review and it was so much fun to read. It was really nice to see several of our fellow cruisers from the Oct 2017 Cruise posting. There isn't a day that goes by without thinking about the great time and fantastic people who we were so fortunate enough to meet. Just want to say Hi to Paul929207 & Thrak! There was a lot of effort by our Coordinators into getting the island tours put together. If we are fortunate enough to take this cruise again,we can only hope that there are enough people who are willing to volunteer to take on the challenge of working up the tours. Just Mike ;p;p
  7. This is an opinionated and interesting forum. But that is what makes CC so much fun. While we obviously haven't been on as many cruises, my darling wife and I also have our opinions. Suffice to say, we have been partakers in all of the various venues that have been offered on our fabulous cruises. We have been involved in short and some long meals in MDR's, buffets and Specialty Restaurants. As for 2 hour meals they are usually if not always at our choice. Good meals, great waiters, fantastic table mates make the time fly. If, however, we get stuck with a less than enjoyable group at the meal I can always excuse us and escape from the "dreaded" table. But we never, I repeat never, sign up for Traditional Dinning. Otherwise we just love meeting new people and as a result we make many new cruise friends. Just Mike, RetiredNTraveling Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G800A using Forums mobile app
  8. Hi there Michele! While we might want to, it simply isn't in the cards. I have been promising Betty a kitchen remodel and she has waited long enough. But if Michael and you are going, you can bet that I will be "Lurking" around. Just Mike Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G800A using Forums mobile app
  9. Greetings! My darling wife and I have cruised 14 days (now 15 day cruise) to Hawaii 2013 from LA once and also cruised 15 days to Hawaii 2016 from Vancouver once. Both were wonderful cruises, but in 2017 we took the cruise of a lifetime, "The 28 day to Hawaii, Samoa and Fr. Polynesia". It was simply spectacular and we had such a wonderful time, it would be hard for any other cruise to TOP IT! Also, need to say Hi to Paul929207. Fair Winds and Following Seas! Just Mike
  10. Are you sure? What if I inadvertently flush it down the toilet? Will they not know that I did it? Greetings Thrak. I haven't been on CC for some time and low and behold I see that you are still helping those of us who are electronically challenged out. I just couldn't resist the temptation to respond! As always I am Just Mike
  11. Well, I really thank each and every one of you. Your advice has saved me a lot of money. No I'm not cancelling the cruise. I now no longer require Hemorrhoid Surgery that the Proctologist recommended, as I got just what I was expecting to get. As for canceling the cruise, do you think that I would cancel a cruise that I have been waiting to go on for past 4 years? Not hardly and in addition, I have never been on any cruise that was ever a disappointment! And have never complained about anything, well except for the smokers in the cabin directly fore of us and the two of them smoked like chimneys! But since our very active Roll Call is drawing to an end, well, I was just getting a little bored and thought that I needed some Tabasco in my life, so you are the unlucky victims today! As those from our Roll Call can tell, and of course they can confirm it! Now that I have you . . . under my control. Watch out for that cloud! Hope you forgive me, but in case you don't, I will be on a Cruise of a Lifetime for this Flat Land Hillbilly! Fair Winds and Following Seas! Just Mike
  12. Ok, here goes as I'm going to get this off my chest! We are booked on the upcoming 28 Day Hawaii, America Samoa & Fr. Polynesia cruise! To date we have received one very impersonal non-descript email :rolleyes: telling us absolutely NOTHING from Princess Cruise Lines. I know that most of the emails that we have received prior to our previous cruises were Mass Mailings, but they at least told us who our Captain was going to be, not to mention who the Cruise Director was. In addition, we received some info dealing with what we could expect in the way of Entertainment on the cruise! Well we received one lousy email from the office of the cruise director! WOW, it was so full of platonic garbage and signed Cruise Director! We laughed at it. What is Jan Schwartz doing as President? Well I can tell you NOT MUCH! :confused: We have never been so disappointed with the lack of concern from Princess. Just Mike, aka RetiredNTraveling :mad:
  13. Always take the Sip & Sail! It's just great!
  14. OK. But we still don't know the answer. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G800A using Forums mobile app
  15. Can anyone provide the name of who is to be the Cruise Director for the Emerald Princess for the Oct. 8, 2017 28 Day cruise? We would appreciate any help possible! Just Mike
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