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  1. west coast cruiser

    Elite Platinum Lounge

    I haven't gone to the Elite/Platinum lounge on my last 3 cruises. Just not that special as far as I am concerned. I prefer the other lounges.
  2. west coast cruiser

    South America few questions

    I needed a Visa for Brazil in 2015. U.S. dollars worked fine. It was a great cruise.
  3. I just got off the Grand and my cruise card had a hole punched in it when they gave it to me. . I don't use the lanyards so I didn't need it but it was there.
  4. west coast cruiser

    Grand Princess Review - My point of view -

    I got off the Grand Monday.The third time I have sailed on her. I was expecting plumbing problems after all the comments. There was no problem at all. I thought the food was the best on Princess in awhile and this was my 20th cruise on Princess. I miss sky walkers on this ship. The Grand was the first to have it but because of some structural issues it was removed. All the other ships of this series have it as the problem was corrected. The Crew is great tool I wish they would put a newer Ship in San Francisco too but I really enjoyed this cruise.. WCC:o:o:o.
  5. west coast cruiser

    Travel Warning For Mexico

    Got off the Grand yesterday after 10 days in Mexico. We felt totally safe. Went on an excursion in Manzanillo and went on our own in the other ports. We did not go off the beaten path though. Felt totally safe in Mazatlan. WCC
  6. west coast cruiser

    Just off the Grand 10 day to Mexico

    Just found a Patter. The singer in Crooners from 9:15 on is Paul Burton.
  7. west coast cruiser

    Just off the Grand 10 day to Mexico

    Formal nights were second sea day and the next to last sea day. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the singer in Crooners but he was very goodl WCC
  8. west coast cruiser

    Just off the Grand 10 day to Mexico

    I was also on this cruise and agree with everything you have to say. I did enjoy Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan though. I have been there before and have special places to go.. I totally agree with Manzanillo. Next time I will stay on the ship. Seas are always rough the last two days coming up from Cabo. Thanks for starting this thread. WCC
  9. west coast cruiser

    Cabo restaurants

    I love the Office too. Good food great location.
  10. west coast cruiser

    Any experience carrying drone onboard?

    Good point. I can see how it would be totally distracting to have drones flying around .
  11. I have traded the whole mini bar for bottles of water a few times.
  12. west coast cruiser

    Damaged Luggage

    I had a handle come off of one of my bags. Our room steward took it and it came back repaired.
  13. west coast cruiser

    Princess Hawaii Itinerary Question

    When I took my first Round trip to Hawaii the ship stopped at Hilo and Kona. The captain slowed the ship down as we passed the lava flow and it was quite a sight Then they stopped going to Kona. I would much rather stop at Kona than Hilo. But, sadly, no more lava flow.
  14. west coast cruiser

    Considering a cruise aboard the Pacific Princess

    Sailed on her a few years and loved it. I really like the smaller ships. We got to know so many people.