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  1. I think I can confirm what has already been said over and over here. As for topless, some have done it on upper decks, but it is usually very windy and uncomfortable to be there. There are always people exploring the ship ("legit" or not), so that is probably another reason women would probably not be topless. As for nude or clothing optional, those days on America sailings are over, except for charter/takeover cruises. Whether the reason be society's snowflakes that get butt-hurt about everything or the fact that many of the popular water slides are elevated to a point where kids and other could easily see those deck areas - who knows? You might find topless on European sailings here and there. AIDA is a German cruise line which still has a C/O sundeck. Note: Much of the information regarding C/O resorts and destinations you may find is out of date. Do not go by the thing you find on the internet. I have heard the Quest show on some cruises has gotten a bit out of hand (ie: fun). But as others have said, that is clearly denoted as 'adult' in the Cruise Compass. It is a blast and not to be missed! Sorry for good news or bad news. Depends on your point of view 😉 Peace, ~Bob and Joelie~
  2. I am not sure if your question regarding other beaches was answered here. There is a very good, and active, F B group that discusses nudism (as well as travel in general) in regards to all the beaches in SXM. Please send me an email if you are interested in that. b_duds at A O L dot com ~Bob and Joelie~
  3. Reminder, it is about that time If you guys have time, please provide a trip report regarding Orient Beach and anything worth noting about St Martin in general. Interestingly, we're heading to St Martin in about a week for a 6 night ADULT stay in Orient Bay. Of course we're looking for a day at the beach. We're Not newbies to C/O 😉 We may also make a trip into Philipsburg for some shopping. In addition, we're also doing a cruise on the Escape to Bermuda on a family trip in April. We would be very interested in your thoughts on that too!! Thanks, ~Bob and Joelie~ PS: Feel free to msg us if you prefer
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