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  1. Does anyone know if Princess Cays suffered damage from Irma?
  2. Thanks for the information! That's good to know about the specialty restaurants. We are booked in an inside cabin. DW likes to have total darkness when she sleeps and we also want to save money to put towards Specialty restaurants and excursions. :)
  3. Thanks, this info will come in very handy! Any other suggestions out there??
  4. Hello folks, DW and I will be sailing on the Celebrity Reflection at the end of May 2017. This will be our first cruise on Celebrity and we are very excited as we have always wanted to sail on Celebrity. We mostly sail on Princess and have also cruised on RCCL, HAL and NCL. What I'd like to know is what are some things on Celebrity and in particular the Reflection that only seasoned Celebrity cruisers know about. For instance when we sailed the Coral Princess to Alaska, there is a small outside deck that is the best area to view the Glaciers while cruising. Hardly anyone knows about this deck as you have to go through a door that says, crew only; however they don't mind if you go out on this deck. Another example, Princess sells a coffee card for $27 that you get get 15 specialty coffee drinks as well as unlimited free brewed coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc. from the International Cafe (Princess' coffee bar). That comes out to $1.80 for any specialty coffee drink (lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, etc.). So what are some things on Celebrity ships (Reflection) that would benefit the novice Celebrity cruiser like me? Thanks, Larry
  5. Hello folks, Eight years ago, my wife and I did a week cruise from Vancouver to Whittier. We then rented a car and spent 8 days traveling and experiencing most sights in and near Seward, Whittier, Girdwood, Anchorage, Matanuska Glacier, Palmer (Hatcher Pass), Talkeetna and Denali. We are looking to return the last week of May this year for a DIY land trip for 7 - 10 days. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the same sights, but would prefer to travel to new places. I'm looking for suggestions. We are in our mid 60s, in decent shape. We enjoy light to moderate hiking, kayaking, glacier trekking (not climbing), etc. Thanks for your assistance... Larry
  6. We sailed on the Regal in mid February. This was our 18th Princess Cruise. Loved the ship and had a great time. We have always loved the food in the MDR and looked forward to the new menus. We dined three nights in the Symphony dining room. Unfortunately we were not enamored with the new menus and ended up ordering most of the courses from the everyday menu. :( We did the Winemakers Table one night which was great. We dined at the Crown Grill two nights which was pure heaven, and we dined the last night at Alfredos which we loved. :) We loved the Regal and would sail on her again in a heart beat, but unless they improve the menu in the MDR, we would only dine at the Specialty restaurants and/or Buffet. It's a real shame because we have had so many outstanding meals on most of our past 17 Princess Cruises. We thought the entertainment was great. Especially loved Spectacular and Fiero. We spent the sea days in the Sanctuary which was just wonderful. Did an independent all day sailboat in St. Thomas and an independent all day speed boat tour in St. Maarten. Both were incredible. :) The absence of mid ship stairs was no big deal at all for us. Didn't use mid ship elevators much, but when I did they were usually very crowded and stopped at almost every floor!:eek: Great cruise, hope to be on another one soon!
  7. If you check out the people that post reviews on the member reviews section, most of them (especially the negative posters) have never or rarely written a review and most have little to no posts on any of the boards. I pay more attention to the reviews people do with live posts on the message boards or reviews written by someone who has at least 1,000 posts on these boards. These are usually avid cruisers that have lots of cruising experience and usually give honest balanced reviews.:)
  8. Last year we sailed on the CB and we went to the Sanctuary as soon as we boarded (around noon) and they were sold out for the week. We also were told that the individual days were sold out meaning we could not reserve a lounger the morning of the same day. This was very disappointing as we had always been able to reserve an individual day the morning of that day.:mad: We are sailing the Regal next month and I plan to board early and try to reserve the sanctuary for the week, but does anyone know if we can reserve an individual day the morning of the same day in the event they are sold out for the week?:confused: Thanks, Larry
  9. Everything is going great on the cruise today. Captain says we will make port in Grand Turk right on time tomorrow even though we left 8 hours late! :eek: We are moving very fast this morning. Sailing is very smooth and weather is great. It's almost time to get my fish and chips at the pub lunch. :D Larry
  10. We are on CB right now. Was told by one of staff that there were engine problems. We've been watching divers working in the water underneath ship. Captain said we would sail at 8pm, it's 9:30 now and no sign that we'll be leaving anytime soon. Gotta go now and go with my wife to line dancing!
  11. We're on the CB next week and I was looking forward to spending the week in the Sanctuary. We love the Sanctuary and we purposely booked an inside cabin knowing we would spend most of our time in the Sanctuary. It's now very hard to justify paying $360 for the week, plus our usual 15% tip! Shame on you Princess! :mad:
  12. We board the CB next Saturday! Looking forward to your review...
  13. Hello everyone, DW and I cruised Alaska in May 2007 and did our own 8 day land trip after the cruise. We were in Seward for two nights, Cooper's Landing for one night, Chickaloon for one night, Talkeetna for one night and Denali for two nights. It was an incredible trip. We did another criuse there the next year and now we're ready to go back with our son (31) and daughter (28) for an 8 day land trip. We're looking at mid July for the trip. While I'd love to do the same itinerary to show our kids, it would be a shame to not to see new places and things this time around. If I had one must do for the kids it would be Denali. So, can anyone give me itinerary ideas for this trip? We'd like to do similar things we did on our first trip which included the Kenai Fjords tour, Sea Life Center, Exit Glacier, Portage Glacier, Animal Wildlife Conservation Center, Hatch Pass, Trekking Matanuska Glacier, rafting in Denali and shuttle to Tolkat. Also did the Native Heritage Center and Saturday market in Anchorage. Did a lot of exploring down gravel roads where we ran into bears and moose.:) So many of you helped me plan the first trip and looking forward to your assistance again!:) Thanks, Larry
  14. We were on the Ruby Princess a little over two weeks ago, Feb. 10-17. I just checked my patters to make sure, but the casino was non smoking only on two nights, Tuesday and Saturday.
  15. I have a coffee card from last years cruise on the Emerald and have two punches left. Can I use this card on our cruise on the Ruby in 8 days? Thanks, Larry
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