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  1. My PVP is the best!!! I have been using mine for 7 years. I can call him anytime with any type of questions and he always picks up. Make me love the Carnival Brand.
  2. That's an excellent idea. Sometimes after the cruise, I have trouble with remembering where we did what.
  3. We just got our FTTF for our cruise on the Magic on May 11, 2019. Being able to go to the room and put the little ones down for a nap or let them have the run of the cabin is worth it. The other people in our group also got it, we all are so excited for the cruise...under 300 days! haha.
  4. I received an email stating that the ship has been chartered for this sailing! Did I just hit the lotto, but in a bad way?? Carnival said that they'd honor the rate that we originally booked at plus $50 OBC per person for inconvenience. It's far enough out that finding another cruise to go on shouldn't be a problem, but it definitely sucks! Has anyone else had this happen to us?
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