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  1. We upgraded to premium select (best category on plane) for our delta flight from Boston to Reykjavik. It was the traditional domestic first class. We couldn’t get the upgrade for the return flight.
  2. We got back late last night from the August 24th cruise. This was our first international trip since January of 2020. We were somewhat apprehensive but had a good time. We missed the easy interaction with other passengers. We had no problem with our flights or getting to the bus for the transfer to the opera hall check in. The opera house experience was not pleasant. Breakfast food was very poor and in a huge crowded room of unmasked people. We did not find out about the walking tours until after the last one has left so we had a lot of time standing around waiting. Once we got onboard things were much more like a normal Viking cruise. The bar areas had lots of people sitting around without masks socializing. If you preferred to wear a mask it was more difficult to meet other people. After the golden circle tour we just did the included tours. We had signed up late and the extra tours we were interested in were booked. Except for one of the bus tours, the guides were quite good and tours were interesting. We were lucky with decent weather most of the time, calm seas and even some sun. There were quite a few people on the buses that did not wear masks or had mouth or chin masks. We had one sunny day with the traditional Viking welcome back with the crew outside greeting everyone, music, and champagne or drink when we entered the ship. The Abba and Beatles evenings were little changed from the ones on past cruises except the performers were a little weaker. Viking did a decent job keeping much of their traditional cruise experience. We were disappointed with the number of passengers that minimized their proper mask wearing.
  3. It seems odd that passengers with Viking transfers are confined but those who book independently can wander around Iceland for hours or days and then mingle with everyone else. Is Viking following any different protocol for the independent travelers?
  4. We’re also routed through Boston. 3 leg trip that also has an Atlanta connection. We’re hoping the storm will have cleared the airport by then but are also scheduling a COVID test for Sunday in case we’re delayed a day. Delta usually posts something about options to change if they’re expecting to have to cancel. Viking has been very good in the past about rescheduling people and eventually getting them to the ship.
  5. Very much so. I’m one of the few people allergic to aloe.
  6. We’re sticking with our August 24th cruise. Yes conditions have changed since we booked. We’ll be wearing our kn95 masks as much as possible. We’re approaching this as a hope for the best and a guide to future land vs cruise vs on our own travel decisions. We are both retired, our bucket list is long and we’re not getting younger. We’re vaccinated with Moderna and under 80 so we not likely to end up dead or in the hospital. Hopefully all our fellow cruisers will take the necessary precautions and be able to enjoy themselves on a wonderful Viking cruise.
  7. Totally different topic- does anyone know if the hand sanitizer Viking provides contains aloe? If it’s green it does, clear you have to read the label. Thanks
  8. What about the situation where government requires quarantine because of contact tracing but since my PCR test is negative the cruise line can arrange for me to fly home to the US? If stay and quarantine many insurance policies will pay for lost days.
  9. Would someone who is currently on board please ask the crew what little things they miss the most/need the most since they cannot get off the ship. Toothpaste? Candy? We’d be happy to bring small fairly light stuff that we have room for in our suitcases. It would be nice if someone posted a list and everyone started bringing a few items. We had planned to ask when we got on board but it looks like we may be in a bubble
  10. Many thanks to the person who suggested watching Trapped on Amazon prime
  11. Are there still buffets in the world cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Also, which night of the cruise is the seafood buffet?
  12. Does anyone know what happened with the spouse/roommate of the COVID positive person? On board and in Iceland?
  13. dcl999


    Next time you cruise with Viking please do talk to the band about song choice. They were delighted to have someone that danced make a request. We tried to give a style and tempo more than specific song and said if it worked into their schedule for the evening. They remembered us when we were on a second cruise and approached us to ask which nights we were planning to be there and if there was anything in particular we wanted to hear.
  14. dcl999


    Probably not now. In earlier cruises we managed to dance quite a bit. The band was always happy take requests. The dance floor was tiny so we did mostly rumba and swing.
  15. What documentation do we need to show proof of a negative covid test? Is an email on my phone enough? Can I print out an email in case my phone dies?
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