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  1. There is splash pool on deck 16 on the Island Princess that I would go to and there was never anyone there it has great views and and a great place with a coffee to watch the sun rise
  2. We have been on 3 Royal class ships,4 Grand class,the Pacific and the Island (before and after the remodel) and the Island is our favourite ship it is the perfect size.
  3. Yes and I see the Emerald is heading toward the US as well
  4. We have sailed on the Island several times before and after the refit and it still is one of our favourite ships in the Princess fleet and we were booked to sail on her this Dec but was canceled and we rebooked again for next Dec.It's funny how almost everyone goes on about the Pacific Princess being there favourite ship yet it was our least favourite so it all goes by what you get out of it.
  5. You reserve the clam shells on the excursion page in your personalizer for Princess Cays and you get a voucher in your cabin when you first board and take it with you when leaving the ship on a tender for the Island you choose which clam shell you would like and hand your voucher to the beach attendant.
  6. This is his latest video on the ships and crew in Manila Bay
  7. Same Ship Different Day : this is a YouTube Vlog from Alfie Smith who is on the Coral Princess and explains what is going on on the ship and what happened on the cruise from South America to Miami https://youtu.be/xbOltfFmQ2Y
  8. I subscribe to Princess Cruises on YouTube and just watched Curtis Stone make the perfect roast chicken. I was distracted by the food safety violations I saw in the video. Granted he is at home, but if you're going to post a video, it would be a good idea to make a point of following health standards and sharing them with the public. I am a chef. I teach food health and safety guidelines to my staff as well as practise them at home. Watching this video made me cringe. When he handled the raw chicken then the container of spices, string, and olive oil without washing his hands, he contaminated
  9. We got upgraded to a mini suite D320 and it is not covered this will be our first time in a mini suite we were a little apprehensive about an uncovered balcony but we will give it a go.
  10. If you look under the News section of Cruise Critic you will find a story posted on April 7th about Genting cruise lines and what they will be doing when they start up again,they are part of Star & Crystal cruise lines.
  11. We have a cruise booked for Christmas & New Year and got upgraded from a balcony to a mini suite
  12. AT-1 Oh yes we were on the Sky Princess and a person in front of us in the buffet line was eating off their plate and licking their fingers and then touching tongs and spoons,I just thought why can't you wait until you get to your table. It is going to change on cruise ships no matter if we like it or not if you see what Genting Cruises is going to do on their ships I think that will be coming our way.
  13. We are booked on the Island Princess for Christmas & New Year the one thing I am looking forward to is no more self serve buffet I am so tired of being behind some one who is eating or licking there fingers as they go through the buffet and then touching the utensils.
  14. I think she has 115 passengers on board and some are from HALs Amsterdam that had to cancel her world cruise as well and they were people who could not fly home from Fremantle
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