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  1. I was on the original transatlantic cruise for Mardi Gras, transferred me OBC and discounted fare to a new cruise that got cancelled and they moved both to a cruise on Mardi Gras Nov 2021 .....call them
  2. Thanks for the review......I am in a Vista Suite out of Venice later this year. I might have missed it and if so I apologize, but I know there are no outlets near the beds, what is the closest one in order to charge a phone and have easy access to it? Are the only ones in the Sitting room and the small dressing room?
  3. Starboard is the correct side to view statue of liberty out of NYC Suite perks are priority embarkation, priority debarkation, VIP check in, priority reservations at specialty restaurants, shore excursions and spa, two extra large bottles of water in your stateroom, and one bag of laundry.
  4. but in Haven you get more than just your own pool area. On their bigger ships, you get your own restaurant, seating at shows, a butler, full menu for room service no charge, coffee/expresso maker in room and more. Whether or not it is worth it depends on the person but what you get for is much much more
  5. just got off Jan 5th. grabbed a porter and we flew through
  6. I rebooked and it took a few minutes. There was no need to give a credit card, they just moved my deposit over to the new sailing, added my 25% as discount and then gave me $200 OBC. Very smooth
  7. Is there a spot that you can see what movies are planned for a cruise just before you leave?
  8. I have bought 3 so far from paypal, just did them as separate transactions. .....I also just went in and added 5 more and while I didn't buy 5 more it went all the way to to the end and would of let me
  9. I ordered from AARP and paypal this morning. Both emails came quickly however with my AARP it didn't work for a while. I would put it in carnival and it said invalid card, ab out 3 hrs later it was accepted. Also there doesn't appear to be a limit on the paypal site
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