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  1. The interesting thing is that Grand Princess layout forms the backbone of almost every Princess ship since. The public deck layouts and multiple dining rooms are mostly carried out on the bigger ships built later. They just added more passenger decks with each successive “class”. Even the cabin layouts are mostly similar (except for “deluxe balcony” which doesn’t exist on her. She’s had some of the newer ship’s features I.e. Alfredo’s Pizziaria, and her lido deck also got the fancy burgers and ice cream that later ships have developed. The 2019 dry dock was a major one, not just cosmetic
  2. Actually, I know where Sun will be because we looked at her as a possibility when there were no 7 day transitions in September from the end of the Alaska 2021 Season to LA (now solved by this week’s addition of Grand to do that). Sun is going to Alaska for 2021 Summer including one 14 day turnaround from LA. I don’t know where she goes after Alaska. Norm
  3. Looking at the schedule, Grand Princess will do Alaska next Summer, come down next September, and do LA cruises for 21/22 winter season. Not involved with the other ships. Norm
  4. We are looking at this time frame too I.e. the “transition” cruises from Alaska down the coast to LA and San Francisco to reposition the ships for the Fall/Winter California season. It’s weird, all the Summer Alaska cruises are available for booking. All of the Fall/Winter coastal cruises are available to book. However, there are no re-positioning cruises available for booking on any of the ships. Doesn’t make sense. Norm
  5. The Crooner’s location on the Majestic could have one benefit. When Crooner’s is placed in the Atrium as on most ships, the singer/piano player has to stop when other entertainment is going on down on the Plaza of the Atrium. On the Majestic, it looks like a room to itself. Was a little disappointed in the video above of Majestic, as the La Mer, on the Atrium in the Crooner’s spot, didn’t look very romantic. Maybe they put tablecloths etc on during dinner. Norm
  6. We also wouldn’t sail Majestic as currently configured. It was specifically designed for the Chinese market. Crooners has been replaced by a French restaurant—La Mer. Sabbitini’s is replaced by a Chinese restaurant. The Vista Lounge is a gambling/lounge. If you just want to have a drink after dinner, you have the wine bar, Bellini’s and the seafood bar in the atrium, and the afterthought Crown Grill “Bar” which on Royal class ships is really not “The Wheelhouse Bar” anymore. We would look at Discovery Princess which doesn’t have these Chinese specific features, not because we don’t like t
  7. We got an email cancelling our September 26 cruise on Royal Princess. There’s a new update on the Princess website showing all of the additional cruises cancelled today. So go there for full information. Norm
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