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  1. We also had problems with online check in for our July 30th Millennium Alaska cruise on the website. Got the grey area with "you must be 18 or older, etc" regardless of using Firefox, IE or Edge. I called Celebrity and was told one must now check-in using the App. UGH. We were finally able to complete the process via smartphone. Agreed, their IT department leaves much to be desired.
  2. Hello from another Arizona resident looking to escape this dreadful heat! UGH! We also try to book non-cruise excursions and have been in contact with independents in Juneau and Skagway (along with a flight-seeing company in Ketchikan.) We are sailing on the July 30th Celebrity Millennium departure. Since the board does not allow naming specific companies, please feel free to email me at sharonc61(at)yahoo(dot)com. 🙂
  3. Agreed, anything is possible regarding changes right up until sailing. Not sure how check-in times are allocated - we're sailing in a suite and are Elite but I generally don't give much credence to those designations.
  4. We contacted Celebrity regarding 3:00 - 3:30 pm being the only check in time for a 4:00 pm sailing (d'oh!) The agent we spoke with agreed that time was too late (no kidding!) and recommended we get there mid-day. She said not to worry if there are no other times to select. The countdown is on to July 30th! 🙂
  5. @iamaqt2 Today DH called Celebrity to see if we could secure the same S1 we selected on the Summit. Thankfully, the vacation planner was helpful and got our rez squared away. We now have an updated booking and no longer show cancelled. Supposedly the suites were blocked off for a ship to ship transfer, but we were not convinced that was the case. At any rate, hope we see you at the Martini Bar - one of our favorite hang outs 🙂 Cheers!
  6. Yes, our 7/30 went poof as well. Let's not panic just yet! Breathe in - breathe out - breathe in - breathe out. 🤞
  7. Fair enough on global requirements giving an indication. Also agree that requirements will likely change before the OP sails, at least once (and perhaps multiple times as seen with other ports.) In any case, I (as well as most folks here on Cruise Critic methinks) am truly looking forward to sailing again!
  8. There are many posts here with irrelevant information. Sailings from St. Maarten, Fort Lauderdale, Athens or Galapagos are not sailings out of Seattle. The OP specifically asked about sailing from the Port of Seattle. At this point, it seems a negative test may not be required but methinks details are still being ironed out. We are on (fingers, toes and paws crossed) the July 30th Millennium (formerly Solstice, then formerly Summit) sailing to Alaska from Seattle. All fully vaccinated, and more than willing to do pre-sailing test if necessary. Did so to Maui last month and was a no
  9. Ok, I was incorrect! Apologies to DisneyJim and others who called the impending swap! Just got the email. UGH! Sure hope we don't lose our stateroom assignment!
  10. We have two different experiences that vary greatly. 1) DH and I lifted and shifted to the July 30 Solstice sailing from last year. Our booking was made directly with Celebrity, sailing in an S1 (Sky suite.) After receiving the email on 5/21 regarding the ship swap, our reservation showed up the next day with new ship and stateroom assignment, but missing some OBC. We didn't care for the assignment (well, don't really love any S1 location on the Summit but that's a story for another time) so I called Celebrity and was able to get a better one 6145. Took 3 days to fight for the additional
  11. Correct. When I selected the Millenium for the July 30th sailing, the itinerary is the new Summit sailing, yet when one looks at the shore excursions offerings on certain days, they don't align. For instance, Ketchikan shows as the first port on August 1, yet the tours offered are for Juneau. Skagway on August 3 offers Hoonah Sightseeing & Tribal Dance along with Worlds longest ziprider, all Icy Strait excursions. The best, however, is whilst we're at sea August 4 & 5, one can select the Ketchikan lumberjack show or Historic Ketchikan Trolley. Hmmmm. Sorry, Disn
  12. K12Guy & I are on the July 30th sailing along with son & dil - a lift and shift from last year. Not sure what "thoughts" or reassurances others can assist you with 🤷‍♀️. We're going in with patience and excitment to be cruising again, especially to Alaska (one of our favorite places to visit.) Bummed to be missing Victoria, B.C. this go around but hoping to see bears in Traitors Cove (excursion from Ketchikan which was rained out on our 2019 visit.) Hope you decide to join in!
  13. To share our experience, we were booked on the July 30th Solstice sailing directly with Celebrity, Lift & Shift from 2020. We are sailing with Son & DIL who booked with a travel agent, also a Lift & Shift from last year. Not thrilled with the change of ship, but that's neither here nor there. Ships happen 😉 We checked our Celebrity account yesterday and had an updated stateroom assignment. Called Celebrity to check on availability of alternative S1's and was able to move to a better location. As of today, the kids still don't have a stateroom assigned. Their Travel Agen
  14. https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/itinerary-modifications There is a PDF document that shows the Summit will be redeployed to Alaska and replace the Solstice. Well, I'm ok doing Alaska on the refurbished Summit. Very sad for others that are affected by this change, though. Things are literally changing daily!
  15. We are on the July 30th Solstice sailing. We received an email from Celebrity today that explains the Summit will replace the Solstice for our sailing. Departure port and stateroom class (S1) will remain the same. We will receive an updated booking in the next few days with our stateroom number on the Summit. Also gives us the option to cancel for refund, move to next year within 4 weeks of sail date or get 125% FCC (we have until May 28th to make the decision.) We are planning to go and will make final payment early June (since the sailing was on "hold" status, final payment was s
  16. We did a lift and shift for our August 28th Solstice Alaska cruise to 2021. Booking was with Celebrity directly. Our new invoice had the line items of perks with the "promo" subtracting each said item. Also had the Captains Club additional onboard credit promo shift with the reservation, YAY! As long as your reservation is up to date with promotions in place, it's all good! Here's to sailing next year 🙂
  17. Thanks for the update. We have re-booked for September 2021 out of Boston, hopeful that cruising will be safe and ports will be open.
  18. I guess it's hit or miss. Two weeks ago I called the Captains Club number to have the new promotion of 10% Loyalty discount applied to our Summit sailing next fall (rebooked due to cancellation of May 28th sailing) and held for 40 minutes before reaching a representative. She was extremely helpful and even checked on the status of our refund for said cancelled sailing. Yesterday, I called regarding lift and shift for a sailing I had booked a couple of weeks ago, August 28th for Alaska. (Yeah, wasn't expecting it to sail but son and DIL wanted us to join them.) Since final payment i
  19. Way back when Canada announced the first port ban, Celebrity made itinerary changes on the Summit sailings to visit either Bermuda or Nassau. Our May 28th cruise became a two port cruise (Bar Harbor & Portand, ME) with two days sailing to Nassau, one half day in Nassau and two days sailing back. Thankfully, the entire cruise was cancelled. Celebrity has refunded all our $, we are now waiting for a refund check from Chase for the credit balance on the card. Even if "Lift & Shift" had been in place, our sailing wouldn't qualify since it was a 9 day itinerary which Celebrity does not offe
  20. Today when calling the Captain's Club number, the recording said hold time was over 30 minutes. The call was actually answered in 14 minutes by a team member working from home in Kansas. She was extremely pleasant & helpful. Time of day was 11:30 am AZ time.
  21. @MEcruzr Thanks for the update. Obviously our May 28th Celebrity Summit sailing was cancelled, and it appears many others through-out the summer will be as well. We have booked on the Summit September 2021 sailing out of Boston. Hopefully this virus will be a non-issue by then and we'll be able to visit Bar Harbor and Portland ME as planned! Healthy vibes to all!
  22. Just a courteous FYI, the Jones Act covers cargo vessels, the PVSA act of 1886 covers passenger vessels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchant_Marine_Act_of_1920 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passenger_Vessel_Services_Act_of_1886 Safe sailing to all, whenever that may be!
  23. Sorry to "hijack" the thread from the orignial rant by Ray, but I'd like to share my experience with Delta, a complete 180 degrees from @ipeeinthepool and @twincheryl We had flights on Delta to and from New York prior to our May 28th NY/Maine/Canada sailing which eventually was cancelled. Our plans were to fly into Newburgh, NY (my birthplace) and visit West Point (for many reasons, including family as alum) before heading down to Jersey City to stay a couple nights before sailing. Long story short, with Delta's numerous cancellations, our original flights into Newburgh resulted in
  24. I truly understand your frustration, janetmojo. That said, Seavey's is a very reputable operator. We took a tour with them in Seward several years ago and the Seavey family is deeply entrenched in Alaska's sled dog culture, especially the Iditarod. As AKStafford mentioned, the economy in Alaska right now is toast. A sled dog operator has MANY dogs to feed and take care of year round. Unless Seavey's flat out refused a refund, perhaps a bit of leeway and patience would go a long way. We have routinely booked independent shore excursions in Alaska and travels
  25. As twins_to_alaska said, would much rather have refund to our credit card than FCC. We are on the May 28th Summit sailing and just waiting for Celebrity to cancel, especially since Bar Harbor ME announced suspension of cruise calls until July 1st. We expect Portland ME to do the same, although they haven't done so yet.
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