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  1. Having just returned last night from Maui (where the requirements for non quarantine admittance to the island is very well done and taken very seriously), it was a shock and shame to see people still fighting the system. We saw passengers on the plane refuse to wear a mask (taken off the plane, bye), people (tourists) in Maui not adhering to mask rules (very clearly outlined every few feet in areas - and not draconian or preventing any enjoyment) and in restaurants just not following simple protocols (like wearing a mask in an out of the restaurant, not while eating). Made me think, do I really want to be on an enclosed ship with these same people? No. I also assume these are the same people that if and when quarantined or having their cruise cut short would be wanting compensation or a class action suit again the cruise line.
  2. Happy to see Crystal getting back to cruising, but a hard no on bobbing around the Bahamas for a week. yuck...
  3. Holland America announced Canada cancellations today, I am sure Cunard won't be far behind
  4. Booked on an Oct 2021 cruise from Quebec, assume its cancelled. Has anyone received any notice from Cunard for these 2021 Canada sailings?
  5. Just one data point, but last week I cancelled a Seabourn cruise scheduled for July and got my money back in 3 days. I moved my cancelled June Crystal cruise to 2022 and I've sent 2 emails already to res support just to move the existing cash over (which reservations states they can no longer do). I doubt it will be done within the month, or two. Many of my friends won't book Crystal due to the way the last year was handled.
  6. Stayed at the Ritz prior to a Symphony TA. It was an amazing hotel. It’s a four seasons not a ritz Carlton
  7. My June cruise on Symphony was just cancelled as well....credits are now 115%
  8. Looks like my June cruise on symphony is the first cruise currently listed. Not buying air quite yet!
  9. Nothing to be puzzled by. La Terrazza was always full and honestly felt like eating in a mass market buffet. Indochine and atlantide were about it for our 10 days on board. The silver note was a joke. Indochine was so poorly lit it was like being in a mall food court. Caviar was not on the menu and we were actually told not to spread it around me the ship that it was available for free (classy). I sailed many many Silversea cruises but none were as bad (the ones with traditonal Dining rooms) as Silver Spirit. We asked for special off the menu items and finally received one on the second to last night having always been told the kitchen was not prepared to do off menu. We were one of the first cruises with the ridiculous iPad ordering and nothing came out correctly. Some of the worst dining on any ship after over 100 cruises. We’ve never had these issues on Crystal. Apparently, you are a cheerleader for Silversea and their new ships, so enjoy the poor dining and plastic hair dryer art in the stairwells.
  10. Sure, for most the 7 days are over and you’re off the ship before your display symptoms. Then the cruise line doesn’t have to say you caught it on the ship
  11. The given we could only eat in Atlantide as the weather was awful, menus that change every four days meant we had the same menus night after night. No one was forthcoming about ordering off menu until we spoke to the matre’d half way through the cruise. They also hid the fact that caviar was available. It was very different from cruises years ago on the shadow, whisper, wind and cloud. The cruise was mess and silversea would be my last choice in the luxury segment
  12. Sailed Silver Spirit two years ago, it was awful. Dining menus that never changed, and given it was a cold weather cruise the dining felt very limited without the outdoor options. Cabins was the best part, otherwise blah
  13. I used to always sail solo on the old triplets and always had a great time. Invitations for dinner were plentiful and it was up to me how to dine. Since the triplets left the fleet I moved over to Crystal, which was always wonderful (never really encountered any snooty passengers). Today I booked the Encore in July (fingers crossed Seabourn is sailing by then). Why the switch?, not happy with the way Crystal handled their shutdown, poor communication and many are still waiting for refunds from April (I had to jump through hoops with my credit card after waiting months for any refund or news from Crystal). Also, I'm unclear if Crystal will make it out of this, so back to Seabourn for now...
  14. I have a June booking on Symphony, but have a back up cruise plan on Seabourn. Sadly, I know some passengers that are still waiting for refunds that were asked for in April/May. Most have written off their deposits for next year (including me) Very sad. Are third party insurance companies even covering Crystal?
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