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  1. That's because they didn't wear masks before it became a hot spot!
  2. John Heald is doing his job, that's about all there is to what he says. If he told people not to book, or to expect cancellations, then he'd be canceled by Carnival. I don't see cruises in the US starting until well into 2021 and that's thanks to all the people who think masks & social distancing are unnecessary.
  3. It must be a very large drop if it "more than covered" your OBC. It sounds like you're better off leaving it alone. Most likely if you booked at that low price the TA wouldn't have offered any OBC. I'd consider it a wash.
  4. I don't think they'll be back before there's a vaccine or an effective treatment, so social distancing won't be necessary. There's no way they can enforce masks or social distancing, which is why they won't be back any time soon It's time for a change. More bodies may mean more spending, but less bodies with people that have more money to spend also means more spending.
  5. And that's why we should list our "hopes and dreams" here: I wouldn't mind a price increase for a more upscale experience. I would eliminate "more than 2 adults" per cabin and limit the size of families in cabins.
  6. "Taking your temperature" is meaningless except that it gives people a false sense of security. I doubt cruising will resume while this would still be "necessary".
  7. By the time cruising starts the spa will be "ok" to use. I'm not expecting cruising to start until there is a vaccine or effective treatment. I have a spa interior booked for 9/2021.
  8. How about each passenger is issued a hazmat suit. That should keep us safe.
  9. Maybe each passenger will have to be disinfected before being allowed onboard? Nope....but just more reasons why cruising won't happen before there's a vaccine or effective treatment.
  10. Based on "the current status" your trip will be canceled. Although there is no guarantee that Carnival will offer the same incentives (OBC) the chances are "highly likely". I'd wait for an official cancellation.
  11. I have Sept 2021 Early Saver booked; used FCC and OBC. As it's a 6 day cruise I'm going to add on a 4 day cruise, but at fully refundable. Not feeling too confident and don't want more FCC and OBC if everything gets canceled.
  12. Thanks for all the responses. I agree that it isn't ideal to do the same ship but the dates work for us. One sailing is 6 days and the other one 4 days. Six days is "just too short" and 10 is "just right". It's a spa cabin, so if the entertainment is redundant, I can always go to the spa! Final payment for Leg 2 isn't until July 2021 (booking refundable) but I want to book now because the same cabin is available.
  13. Thank you. The "simplified method" makes the decision much easier.
  14. So you have to go thru customs and then the whole "embarkation process" again? Or is it simplified in any way?
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