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  1. We've done that several times in the past - just phone in and have the website open in front of you and request a specific cabin. Must be the same category cabin, so that might prevent you from moving more toward the middle if those are a different category balcony?
  2. so sorry to hear of your diagnosis! I admire your determination to protect your husband and to make sure you can cruise! we're all rooting for you!
  3. Thanks Hadley and Gumshoe! We're just on the Harmony Transatlantic - although some of our shipmates are also going to be on the prior cruise so will be with you Hadley. Agree that the Spanish and Italian rules seem to be different and more stringent.
  4. Thanks so much for the details! Questions on the gym - were they running any group classes on your cruise? And could you book the workout slots on the app or did you need to stop by the gym? And could you book ahead (like every day at 9 am) or just one day at a time? And one last question - were masks required even when working out? We're on the Harmony OTS TA in six weeks and starting to think about planning our long days at sea! thanks again!
  5. I've lived in San Francisco over 20 years and I don't recall RC ever starting or ending a cruise here - Princess does, Celebrity very occasionally, and then the upscale lines - Crystal used to and Regent (?). All the others including RC do west coasters from the southern california ports and SF is at best a stop on a relocation cruise up to or back from Alaska. I was holding back from discussing a different cruise line on the RC Board, but since you say you're mostly a Princess cruiser.... In "normal" times Princess homeports a ship here in San Francisco year 'round and I believe that Ruby Princess is already back on the schedule for 2022 forward. They do 7- or 10 days r/t to Mexico in the winter, 10 days r/t to Alaska in the summer, and a couple of 12 day r/t to Hawaii in the shoulder seasons. We've done the 10 day r/t to Mexico itinerary years ago (actually on Celebrity but the same route) and it was a good mix of large and small ports. I've seen some lines do 7 days r/t from SF but there's only time to get to Ensenada and turn around which in my opinion isn't worth it. Nice for us locals to have no flying, and for you it would be a great opportunity to add on a couple of days in wine country. Happy planning! PS: are you from Merion PA? I went to school in Philadelphia and loved spending time on the Main Line - beautiful old homes and big trees - not like out here!
  6. Makes sense but from Celly's posting it sounds as if Royal and the tour operators were caught unprepared. Hopefully Royal can offer quick tests onboard either the day prior or the morning of a tour and just add it to the cost of the tour.
  7. it's up to you but you could save yourself some $$$ by skipping the ATT package and just use Voom for calling and texting onboard ship. Only issue would be when you're off the ship on a shore excursion but then you'll probably be with the person/people you're trying to locate!
  8. "Dance Uprising on Cruise Ship, Passengers removed for lewd moves...." 🤣
  9. Thank you so much more posting! It must be interesting to be on such a large ship with (relatively) so few passengers. You mention the shore excursions and that you explored on your own in Palma. Do they require that non-vaccinated passengers use Ship sponsored excursions? Or are there any restrictions on going on your own? Also, you mention that there is music in the bars. Are the "big" shows operating? Grease etc. in the main theater and the Aqua Theater shows?
  10. Apologies for posting but tried searching and couldn't find this specific question answered: does the Refreshment Package include protein shakes/smoothies on the Oasis class ships that have the Vitality Cafe? The Royal website doesn't specifically list them. I know they're included in the DBP but not clear to me for the Refreshment Package. That would be our quick pre- or post-workout breakfast. TIA!
  11. Here in San Francisco, we've just started to require proof of vaccination for restaurants, gyms, bars, theaters, basically any indoor gathering place. Many restaurants and businesses had already been doing that on their own so the restaurant owners association is thankful for the Mayor stepping up. While I agree it won't happen on a national level at least there are pockets of reason.
  12. This is fantastic news and hope that other countries (looking at you, USA) quickly adopt the same requirements. Would be great to have global standards for travel rather than different and constantly changing requirements.
  13. You are correct. And Congress has passed laws in this and a number of cases to authorize the Executive Branch (i.e., the President) to create Agencies, Departments, Commissions etc. who act as "subject matter experts" in particular areas. What is now called the Centers for Disease Control was created as an Agency within the Department of Health and Human Services in 1946 with a mandate (from Congress) to focus on controlling malaria within the south-eastern US states. Their mandate has subsequently expanded to include all communicable diseases such as COVID. The delegation of specific areas of responsibility to the Administrative State is nothing new and goes back to the founding of the Republic and indeed, any government. Elected officials are not themselves experts and act more like a Board assigning responsibility for various issues to agencies. Hope that helps - there's a lot of information in my law school textbooks that may be of interest to you!
  14. Those of us booked on the Harmony TA scheduled to depart October 31st, hope that they'll wait until 12:01 AM November 1st before they sail! Seriously, there appears to be continuous change in the rules both for the US and for the EU so we're not cancelling unless Royal does...
  15. Axiom of the Seas The Axiom was the Starliner on a 700-year voyage in the movie Wall-E with a "regenerative buffet" and hover chairs for all the obese passengers. Maybe Royal could get a few ideas there...
  16. This is something that confuses me. We have travel insurance for an upcoming transatlantic on Harmony OTS leaving Barcelona. The travel insurance does not exclude COVID, thus it covers COVID like any other illness. We are vaccinated but, as we all now know, we can still be infected and test positive. So lets say we get to Barcelona, get a PCR test at a health clinic there in preparation for boarding, the test is positive and thus RCCL denies us boarding. The particular cruise only has one port stop on day 3 (Malaga) which I presume would be too soon after the positive test for them to allow us to board there. Then it's at sea for 12 days and we couldn't "rejoin" the cruise. Is that "trip interruption"? We're not sick so it's not covered under the medical coverage, and we won't need to be medivacced. We'll just need to sit in a hotel for 14 days in Spain to be allowed to reenter the USA. Is all of that extra cost covered by travel insurance: the lost cruise, the hotel during quarantine, incidental expenses, cancellation of our flight from Orlando back home, and the return flight home from BCN?
  17. Not sure about the Internet packages - they used to sell a package of "minutes" of access but I don't think they do that anymore. You do need to get the drinks package for the entire cruise and for all adults in the cabin. If you buy the drinks package onboard you have to get from that day through the end of the cruise, so for example if you wait til day 3, you're only paying from there to the end of the cruise. But prices usually higher onboard.
  18. leans back to watch the flame war..... 😆
  19. If you have either the alcohol packages or the refreshment package it includes bottled water. We've gotten our money's worth from the drinks package just on the water alone - bottles at meals, sparkling at dinner, and we get takeaway bottles from bars for shore excursions, to have in our room to brush our teeth, take to the gym, etc. If you're not getting the drink package then I understand the question to bring your own water but not if you're already paying for unlimited bottled water (and wine and beer and cocktails..)
  20. yeah; it clearly flusters them. There's nothing on the FAQs that mentions this at all.
  21. I thought it was odd, or at least not customer friendly. Thanks Orville! Curious if anyone knows about this restriction on the use of FCCs?
  22. Hi all - searched but didn't find this exact question, but please direct me if I've missed something. We are on the Harmony OTS Transatlantic 10/31/21. We originally booked a balcony, and subsequently a junior suite opened up. Since there didn't seem to be a way to change cabin category on an existing reservation online (I'm sure I missed something) I phoned in. The CSR said that I needed to cancel the first reservation and make a new one, so I did. Now I'm being told that I can't apply the FCC from the first reservation to the second reservation. Same cruise, same passengers, just a different rez for a different cabin category. They say I can use it on a future cruise but not on the same cruise. I searched their FAQs on FCC and I don't see this restriction anywhere - has anyone been told this before? It's a little frustrating to have to double-pay $900 when they are holding $900 of ours captive. Thanks in advance!
  23. I for one LOVE that we are now back to the point where we can ask and discuss issues like orange juice! So glad we're returning to cruising!!!
  24. I'm not privy to the decision making in the RCCL executive suites, but it seems to me that Royal is just following the laws in the respective jurisdictions: Sailings from Florida are not allowed to require all passengers be vaccinated, so they follow the law. Sailings from Europe, or the Bahamas do allow a company to require all passengers to be vaccinated, so they do. I am sure Royal would prefer to keep it simple and protect their passengers but different laws do not allow them to do so.
  25. I haven't been to that store specifically, but I would comment that I usually find that buying bottles of wine in hot and humid parts of the world that aren't themselves wine-growing regions is usually a bad idea. The bottles have probably gotten warmed up at some point along the chain of transport (sitting on the loading dock, un-airconditioned truck, etc.) and will very likely have plonked. Also, countries that don't produce wine frequently impose high taxes on wine. Both of those are reasons I'd urge you to save the effort and just buy wine on the ship - bottles or by-the-glass. At least it's more likely to have been transported and handled appropriately. But you know your needs and wishes best!
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