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  1. Because it is a Monday? Perhaps it is that they plan to reopen full operations - office and shipboard? - that day? just guessing.
  2. Continental Quest, Riviera 2013. So many memories revolve around dining on O and the caring and devoted service of the staff. Memories of cruising with my late husband and being surrounded by love. ❤️
  3. Oh, Jan! So very sorry to hear this. You all are in my prayers in the difficult days ahead. Donna
  4. It may be quite expensive, but it is obtainable. You have to purchase quickly after booking if you want to avoid the preexisting conditions restrictions. Cruised with my diabetic husband who had congestive heart failure and was never without travel insurance. Claims were paid promptly, too. When living with such conditions, it ought to be unthinkable to travel without travel insurance in place. Donna
  5. We should also note that the cruiser in question said in the interview that his insurance covered the airlifting and transport, etc. Perhaps, rather than anticipating a ban on older passengers with preexisting conditions , the cruise lines might explore requiring appropriate travel insurance for such passengers. just a thought. Donna
  6. Thank you so much for posting this. Fascinating interview. So happy for this man, Donna
  7. I read on the Facebook O group that they are disembarking at the next Brazilian port and air travel will be arranged for them.
  8. I know you are tense and unhappy, but is this necessary?
  9. I am thinking Sirena, as John was CD in January.
  10. Probably they initially chose “Corona” as it is a royal sounding name. But had to scrub that plan. 😉
  11. Yes. And I suspect our speaker was trying to alleviate local anxiety. When asked why warmer weather would matter, he explained that the colder weather lead to the lungs being drier and absorbing the infections more readily. Dr. Dobbins drew comparisons to the SARS outbreak as well as the 2009 Mexican pandemic. Understanding the origins and evolution of the diseases was engrossing. This also taught about what does - and doesn’t - help to control or slow down the spread.
  12. Thank you. Similar information in a different layout. The Johns Hopkins site is updated continually.
  13. This morning I attended a lecture regarding Coronavirus with Dr. James Dobbins, epidemiologist with the CDC. It was enlightening. To be unfairly brief about it, he felt the virus will spread a good deal more, but that it will begin to subside with global response and warmer weather. I am posting because he recommended a website from Johns Hopkins to monitor the spread of the virus and its imoact. Thought I would share the link. Donna Real time map COVID -19
  14. This is priceless! If I read your profile correctly, you have never cruised Oceania. On the basis of hearsay, you are already suggesting how O ought to run its business. wow,
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