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  1. Cruise & Land Tours are great, but doing a DIY version to include the legs of the train you want is not too difficult. The other advantage of DIY is you will be on the authentic Alaska RR Cars - this was important to my Train Geek husband, but may not matter to others. Local hotels are well practiced with dealing with the Train arrivals and departures, and we found it very easy to get transport to and from our hotel, even if we weren’t part of a larger group. Have fun, however you book your trip.
  2. You might want to consider one of the smaller ships for your Alaska Cruise (less than 100 passengers). These cruises focus on activities instead of major port stops, so you usually get off the ship a couple of times a day to hike, kayak, paddle board, etc. We have traveled with UnCruise Adventures, but I believe Alaskan Dream Cruises and National Geographic / Linblad offer similar sized ships and activities. We love Denali. Fall - late August, early September is hard to beat: But then again, it could look like this: The weather can change so easily, you can’t always predict what you will get. We have also been to Denali in early June, and that was beautiful as well.
  3. Great review. It was nice of you to take your parents as well.
  4. Thanks for the updates. Will definitely have to give The Cookery a try.
  5. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed your blog.
  6. After lunch, we set out for the Seal Rocks area, south of the Chiswell Islands. Lots of Steller Sea Lions. We also saw puffins high on the cliff, as well as fishing on the water. We saw one sea otter who was not as shy as most had been. After a great afternoon of cruising and exploring, we found another quiet cove and settled in for the evening. It was an opportunity to go for a kayak paddle and a swim. We had a pleasant evening. The winds came up during the night, and we could feel the rocking motion on the boat. It wasn't uncomfortable, but the next morning we decided to head back to Seward. We fought the winds and bouncy seas for several hours but made it back just fine. We would definitely recommend Alaska Fjord Charters. We were so impressed with the beauty of the Kenai Fjords, and it was great to experience it in such a quiet, relaxed way. Probably as important, I'm glad we ventured off our usual path of booking something we'd done before. We got outside of our comfort zone a bit, and it certainly paid off. Thanks for following along. A multi-day charter might not be everyone's interest, but I'd definitely recommend a day cruise if you are in the Seward area. This was our first trip to the Kenai Peninsula, and we will definitely be back. We enjoyed another day in Seward, where we visited the SeaLife Center - and especially loved the puffins. We then returned to Anchorage where we caught a flight to Lake Clark National Park. We spent five days at the Alaska Homestead Lodge in Silver Salmon Creek, watching bears do their thing, but that is a story for another day.
  7. Our internet has been up and down for the last couple of weeks, but attempting to finish this now. Our third day of cruising was just as beautiful and calm as the two preceding days. We just cruised around, and then went exploring to the Seal Rock area in the afternoon. We then entered what I called Magic Cove, which turns out to actually be Taz Basin. Just a beautiful spot ... lots of sea life on the rocks, a couple seals, and some beautiful colors.
  8. I use the “replace the sky option” in Luminar occasionally. If you have edited a photo with one of the HDR-like settings, the resulting sky sometimes looks a bit off. So it is easy enough to replace the sky with a copy of the unedited sky.
  9. Saturday 16 July 2016 Our two week trip with family and friends ended with our early morning arrival in Ketchikan. Time for hugs and goodbyes - with the crew as well as each other. We had come to appreciate many of the crew members and were sad to see departure day come. The younger generation left us to get transfers to the airport. They had jobs, school, and summer sports to get back to. Finding a two week period where we could all take time off for the trip was no easy task! It is gratifying to hear the kids and grandkids say this was their favorite vacation ever. They would all go back in a heartbeat. Those of us from Maine took an extra day to see Ketchikan and rest up for the long cross country flights. We did the usual - shopped for souvenirs, ate more fried halibut chunks, and also visited the Totem Pole Park. Thanks again for following along, and many good wishes for lots of successful cruises to Alaska. There is a reason people keep going back, year after year!
  10. I realize this has been mostly a photo journal of our trip, so I will include some more info on the ship. This post includes photos from both of our trips on the Wilderness Discoverer. We found no significant changes between 2013 and 2016 - a good thing, since we really like the way the ship is laid out. The dining room is on the main deck. Breakfast and lunch were served buffet style, dinner was plated. It was always open seating. The small bar separated the dining room from the lounge area which was at the bow of the boat. Alcoholic beverages were extra; you could run a tab and settle up at the end of the week. We found a good assortment of Alaskan Beers on tap The lounge area had small tables and bench seating on the side. This is where people hung out to visit, to read a book from the onboard library, or to watch presentations by the ship’s crew. This looks like a Slide Presentation shown on the last night, sharing all the week’s adventures. Cabins are not large, but they seem to work just fine, at least for our group. The only complaint I’ve heard is about some of the cabins in the main deck, which may get more engine noise. Most of the cabins are on Deck 3, which is the deck above the dining room and lounge. There are 4 larger cabins on Deck 4, the sun deck. Each cabin has its own restroom facilities People often say it isn’t worth getting the largest/most expensive stateroom, because you spend so much time outside when on an Alaska Cruise. We certainly found this to be the case, especially because we were blessed with such good weather most of the week. The sun deck was a popular gathering place. This post describes a bit more about the ship. We all liked he ship very much, but undoubtedly, the outdoors was the main attraction.
  11. More photos from the afternoon ( note - I seem to be missing my memory card from the last day of the trip, so the photos of Misty Fjords include some from our self group, and a few from our previous trip.)
  12. Hoping to finish up this report today. Thank you for those who have followed along, even though it has taken more than three years to finish! Friday 15 July 2016 We woke up in another beautiful anchorage - Walker Cove, within Misty Fjords National Monument. There were lots more water activities today, including long kayak paddles with some bushwhacking, skiff tours, shorter kayak trips, and paddle boarding. There was even a polar plunge in the afternoon.
  13. Thank you - I’m glad the review and photos gave you ideas for future travel. Road trips are fun, too!
  14. Each day, Captain Colin consulted us on what we’d like to do, where we might like to go. He offered time for kayaking, or going ashore for a hike, We were just interested in letting him set the course to give us an overview of the Fjords. Both of us were rusty with our photography, so it was a good time to work on relearning camera controls and options. I had just purchased a new camera - the Sony RX10 MIV the day before we left for Alaska (not the recommended way to start with a new camera, but something many of us do). We woke to brilliant sunshine in our quiet anchorage in Abra Cove. The only noise we’d heard all night was distant thundering from Aialik Glacier. We spent the day leisurely cruising from glacier to glacier, Holgate, Surprise, and Northwestern among them. We anchored in another quiet cove after visiting Northwestern Glacier. We enjoyed a dinner of salad, pork tenderloin and vegetables, followed by brownies for dessert. Still light at 8:30 pm, with dining table converted to our bed, it was the perfect opportunity to lie down and read a few more chapters of my book.
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