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  1. I was able to book my Beverage Package without problem although it appeared they double charged me, but they didn't. I'm ready to cruise, so if the CDC doesn't take further actions, I believe we will be sailing. The cruise lines have to start sailing sometime, so now is a great time getting ready for the holidays. We all need to support the cruise lines because they have been hit pretty bad during this virus scare. See you onboard at the bars!
  2. I booked the 5 & 5 for B2B's in November & December, but I didn't get a Military Discount. Should I get an additional 5 percent?
  3. I am booked for 11/1/20 MSC Seaside on a B2B, so still planning on sailing. Also we are booked on a B2B on Seaside in December. I'm just ready to sail anywhere. How about you?
  4. I'm ready to sail! Have MSC Seaside booked for November & December, so we're hoping for a wonderful experience on the Seaside!
  5. I agree 5 miles is too far to walk on holiday, so we'll take the subway. Second, can we buy tickets to the statue and Ellis island ahead of time with a departure time for the ferry? I would hate to wait in line. Our ship arrives on a Thursday at 07:00AM and leaves at 5:30PM. We changed from an Oceanview room to a balcony, so we would be able to cruise by the Statue of Liberty from our cabin. Order room service ahead time. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. My wife and I will be in NYC in April on the MSC Meraviglia 9AM to 5PM. What is the best way to get tickets and visit the Statue of Liberty during this port call. Can we buy tickets before hand? Can we walk to the departure point to visit the Statue of Liberty. Is there a tour of Ellis Island included? My wife is Thai and will be applying for US Citizenship next year, so she's looking forward to this NYC visit. Any help would be appreciated. We normally avoid on board excursion purchases due to the high costs and large groups.
  7. Thanks. I think I will bring 8 additional bottles rather than purchase on board.
  8. Does the $15.00 Corking Fee include taxes? I'm on the Crown Princess next month! Thanks
  9. My wife and I are ending a cruise in May 2020 and we would like to rent an apartment for a week. We don't mind staying in the suburbs and commuting into the city by train to lower costs. Can someone recommend what areas we should stay and commute near a train station?
  10. You are correct. My wife and I take TA's in the off season when children are in school. I hate flying and when your primary residence is in Thailand we can fly 30 hours from Tampa or take two TA's coming and going from Thailand and a nonstop 10 hour flight from Rome to/from Bangkok and we get to take the two TA's every year. We love cruising and the TA's are never crowded. We have taken two TA's on the Reflection and we love that ship, too. In fact, Reflections first TA from the shipyard in Germany, we were on board. It was a wonderful cruise. I do know that the Med cruises are full in the Summer months.
  11. I've never seen over 2000 on any Celebrity ship because I always take Transatlantics and the 3rd and 4th passenger are not aboard. My wife and I love TA's because no children or very few, so I'm surprised the Solstice can hold 2800+.
  12. I agree! I like the MDR's for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
  13. The problem isn't the laundry it's the extra pounds everyone is putting on during the cruise, so they blame it on shrinkage!
  14. I would go on Celebrity Solstice. I enjoy smaller ships and intimacy, which Celebrity has!
  15. IsanTom


    Do you get one or 2 bottles of wine per cabin free? Normally we are allowed 2 bottles on most of the other cruise lines. We are a couple!
  16. Nothing is free! You are paying for it in the long run!
  17. Try and avoid this location. Very poor management, so I would recommend renting to airport and take taxi.
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