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  1. Just dropping in to say hi to all my Dailyite family and say that I made it to Mobile. I am having a wonderful visit with my son and grandson. Lots to see even. My son has fixed up the room I am using first to make sure I am comfortable. He is such a sweety.
  2. Thanks everyone. I have printed my boarding passes, selected my seats and suitcase is packed. This is my first trip without my service dog in forever. I will miss her. Usually I have driven to ports or taken the train. This will be the most flights and layovers I have experienced in 20 years. And add to that, I have to leave here at 3am to drive over the coastal mountain range to make the 6am flight. Watch out deer, I am coming through.
  3. Monday at 3am I leave my house to drive over the mountain and take three planes to get to my son. I'm sure all will be fine. I've been working with a company who sent my home tests for Covid but somehow they got lost in the shipping. There is no tracking numbers and no one can find the package. They shipped out a replacement that will arrive while I am gone. I will report back on developments with this home web tests when I get back.
  4. Here is a view from the front yard of my parents house which is now my sister's house. Puget Sound is always changing but this day was warm and smooth. That is Anderson Island in the distance.
  5. Good morning all. Thanks Rich and all Dailyites who make this a good place to be. It was comforting to read this while on hold with the phone folks. And I even had a happy result with the phone folks. Sounds like a good start for today. Now if my home tests come in today I will feel like it is a trifecta of goodness as the smoke has also let up. I grew up on Puget Sound down near Olympia so love the whole Sound and all of its islands and parks.
  6. You guys look so happy. 52 years is a long time. Happy anniversary.
  7. Wow, five pages and I'm early today. I will post first and then read. Otherwise I might be on page 15. Everyone is up early. I again woke to so much smoke. Last night I got a "red line photo" of the river from my lawn swing. It looks like someone just took a red marker and drew a line across the river. That is just the reflection of the smoky sun. Now to read the five pages.
  8. I got my flights to Mobile Alabama to see my son. He’s already making plans about all the things he wants me to see and do. Long flights but you get that a lot flying out of small airports.
  9. Our air quality index is 296 this morning. I am getting cabin fever from not getting to do things outside. Today's project will be to find a good flight to visit my son in Mobile. It will be my first trip without my service dog. Major hurdle for me. I think I will have a cheese pizza for dinner tonight with wine.
  10. I woke this morning to smoke. The sky was red so went out and took a picture as the sun came up. Here is another of the smoky river.
  11. Following because I ordered some medically observed tests at the encouragement of my PCC who double checked and said it was fine. Haven't used them yet as I have a few weeks until we board.
  12. Ginger works for me. The candied kind in the MDR and I get some ginger hard candy that seems to work well.
  13. So glad to be invited to come along on this trip. Thanks Lisa.
  14. I woke expecting to find more news about cancels or changes. When they start closing US ports it becomes scary. I thought it would be the safest of all my cruises but things happen.
  15. Good morning all. Thanks Rich and all who are so faithful to this community if Dailyites. It was cold here last night. We still have warm days ahead of us but the nights are telling me that fall is not far away. Today I await the arrival of my son’s towed motor home. Gates are all open and site is ready.
  16. I'm saying any cruise we get to take is better then a canceled cruise. I am ready to be on the water in a BHB.
  17. Sorry to be so late. Thanks everyone for the Daily. Son left a motor home at a dealership that just got back to him that it was outside of their knowledge as it was from Japan so it is being towed from Redmond to my place in Chiloquin. I had to move some stuff and do a little weed eating. Normal town stuff took most of my morning and then planning with the PCC for the weirdest cruise from San Diego ever. Two ports have canceled and he seems to think we will just spend two days in San Francisco. I wouldn't mind as there is so much there to explore. Oh well, all we can do is hope for cruises and wish for cruises and plan for cruises and if they get canceled, we cry and do it all over again.
  18. Spent a long time talking to my son this morning. The worst of the storm has past and Ida did a number but his home wasn’t flooded. I guess there was a couple of feet before it breached the house. He did find some leaks even with a new roof but those are things he can fix. I can relax a little. I guess being on the east side of a hurricane means you get the tail so he will still have another 24 hours of downpours. He said he was sorry I had to worry but I told him it was part of being a mother and was written in the contract. Even at 36 I still worry about him and always will.
  19. Today my son called and said, "I haven't even been in Mobile for a week and now there is Ida". It is supposed to be bad for a while and he is worried about his new to him, house. I guess it is a good welcome so he knows more about where he is now living.
  20. I’ll bring mine too. These were from my Mother who always took them cruising.
  21. Good morning all. Having just lost a very important dog in my life, your stories brought fresh tears. And bow ties remind me of when my son and granddaughter went on a cruise with me. He wore my Father’s tux and made several bow ties to go with it. He looked so dashing.
  22. Well, what can I say but your invitation was so tempting I went ahead and booked the b2b. Sharon you will just have to put up with me as I booked the Koningsdam for Oct. 10 through the 24th.
  23. Thank you Rich for the Daily, Roy for all your caring and all the Dailyite family. Dropping in for a quick hi before a town trip.
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