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  1. I've done over a couple dozen cruises, but just booked my first NCL cruise and took advantage of BOGO airfare. Flights from my area to Copenhagen for this flight start around $1200 and this was the price for one person with NCL. So, with two people, we are flying for half-price. Will be interesting to see what kind of flights we get. I'm not expecting them to be great, but with a savings like that, I'm willing to put up with a little discomfort
  2. Interesting, because on my last cruise I had a little left over that I didn't want to mess with, and about a week after the cruise I received a check in the mail with the unused balance. 🤔
  3. The mark-up on bottles of liquor is ridiculous, regardless of whether it is better than buying separate drinks. Can I afford to order bottles? Yep. But, I won't do it on principle. I get that mark-up on individual drinks creates the profit needed to keep things going. The price of drinks on Carnival is no different than at a bar at a nice hotel, so I have no complaints about the price of drinks. But, when the mark-up on a bottle of alcohol is 3-5 times what I can buy a bottle for, which is also already marked up, I'm not going to do it. You'd think Carnival would get that if they lowered the mark-up a bit, more people would buy the bottles and Carnival will still make money. Many people who have posted about this say they also have a bar tab at the end of the cruise regardless of whether they buy bottles or use an alternative method of acquiring their alcohol. I always do, although never to the point of Cheers making financial sense for me. Many people like the freedom of being able to make a drink in their cabin and then will hit the bars as well. I'm all about profits to keep a business successful, but until Carnival stops trying to squeeze every last living penny out of us with these ridiculous mark-ups (now including delivery fees!), I'll look for alternative sources.
  4. Yep, I'm in the same "boat".😛 I have a lung disease and I can go down stairs just fine, but can only do one flight going up. Will be interesting to see how this works.
  5. Could very well have been. I don't recall her name, or whether I even knew her name, but it is a unique kind of entertainment that you don't forget. 😀
  6. The only time I didn't have to pay a single supplement was back in 2002 on my first cruise. Back in those days, great solo rates without the single supplement were common. But, unfortunately, those days are long gone.
  7. On my very first cruise in 2002 out of NOLA, on the last sea day there was a young man (I don't know which politically correct term to use anymore) who was dressed in a long sequin dress, wearing a perfectly coiffed wig and gorgeous make-up, looking absolutely fabulous and selling Tupperware on the Lido Deck by the pool. 🙂 Security didn't seem to mind... That set my expectations for future cruises. 🤣
  8. A couple of years ago, I went on a cruise with my cousin (both of us mature ladies) to Cuba out of MoBay. (Obviously not available anymore to U.S. citizens.) We stayed pre-cruise at a little hotel on the Hip Strip, walked a few blocks to a neighborhood outdoor restaurant, walked back to the hotel after dusk, and felt completely safe. We took a taxi from the hotel to the port with no issues. The worst thing that happened was a teenage kid offered to sell us pot. 🤣
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