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    I am A Minister .USAF( I did my tour of duty ) Fishing, Hunting, Gold panning, Historical Sites
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    I have done RCL, Carnival and will be on NCL Bliss, Dec.2019.. can't wait !
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  1. What kind of items are in the basement ?
  2. Does anyone remember seeing Smoked Paprika in the bags ?
  3. I didn't think I could bring any sausages home to the states ? and I was also wondering if the have Truffles at the market ? The fungus not the candies 🙂
  4. Thank You for this great information.. I never even thought about the bathrooms.( any idea what they charge ? ) I am sure it will all work out .. and it seems like you know all about the market . Do you have any recommendations on what foods to try there ?
  5. I am really looking forward to checking out the Market Hall.. and I see there is lots of shops and food stands.. my question is will they take my credit card at the shops ? or will I need cash to buy a bowl of goulash ? I have also been told to just pay the price on my card and to let my bank back home do the exchange . What is your suggestions ? 50 day to go 🙂
  6. Wondering the same thing .. 🙂 Happy Sailing
  7. There is a way around that by depositing the money into your account at an ATM .. it may take a few days to show up in your home bank .. Not saying you won't have taxes when you get home.. but you won't have to deal with Customs ..
  8. I am wondering more about if you do win a large pot ..Do you pay taxes to the country that owns the ship , or your home country ... or is there NO tax in international waters ?
  9. I am wondering how you are taxed for a large win, while at sea in international waters ?
  10. I was wondering if they were still doing the Illumination Cruise in Budapest ? I found out that the Budapest government had lifted the ban .. and some cruise lines were still not doing it after the accident that happened .. I contacted AMAWaterways .. and they will be doing it. but just earlier in the evening.. as for now anyway .
  11. We are doing a Romantic Danbue river cruise the beginning of Oct. 2019 and then NCL Bliss Dec. 1st 2019 NYC. to S, Caribbean for 13 days .. But I know they won't be using the same ports 🙂 Happy Sailing
  12. I hope my cruise will be doing it in Oct. 🙂 I am really looking forward to this as an end to our cruise ..
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