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  1. I have heard of only one trial that is a single dose (recent J&J announcement). Those that are doing two doses are giving two doses to all people who are getting a real dose. The placebo receivers get two placebo doses according to what I have read and seen on news releases.
  2. I understand your feelings as I can be qualified as both elderly and high risk. However, I have the option to stay out of the public arena. Those I cited ahead of my own category do not. In order to gain the greatest effect of vaccination, those who are at a greater risk of contracting and spreading the disease have every reason to be vaccinated before I do, including those who are forced to work with the public daily in essential services such as medical staff and grocery workers. For example, if all grocery workers are vaccinated, going into stores becomes safer for all who must do so ev
  3. There is no way that the average person desiring leisure travel will be prioritized for the vaccine. It will take quite some time for enough doses to be manufactured for the worldwide population. First prioritized will be healthcare workers, then first responders, then those in situations like elderly in nursing homes, then essential workers (including teachers, food processing/manufacturing, retail supermarket workers, etc.), and then elderly and those with high risk pre-existing conditions. This is as it should be and necessary if we want to maximize the effects on deaths and spread
  4. Regardless, they dropped the ball with the crew members, they allowed a cruise the week after they knew there were positive cases from the prior cruise, they failed to notify passengers and they egregiously attempted to keep the information put of the press. This is not the behavior I would support and therefore will not cruise with them. It also reflects on their umbrella company. And, unfortunately, it reflects on the industry as a whole woth regard to adherence to safety measures, concern for patrons well-being and transparency.
  5. As it should! Disgraceful behavior to cover it up or even delay important health crisis information.
  6. I really think you would be benefited by contacting a news station about this situation,, and try to get some others on your roll call to join in with you.
  7. Who is going to be first in line to get a rushed-through barely-tested vaccine? Serious question.
  8. Which chain please? I want to avoid that happening to me.
  9. Everyone else will be safer if you don't go so I hope you skip.
  10. And it is attitudes like yours that will keep me from booking.
  11. And what is your plan if you get there and it is required?
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