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  1. What's wrong with Seattle? A ferry ride, a 2 mile taxi ride and we're at the pier 👍
  2. DW and I booked the 05/27 Explorer. Booked a hump balcony so we should have some good views. Thinking about the Sept Explorer out of Seattle to San Fran also. Nice to have a larger ship in Seattle.
  3. I tried it and got a confirmed message back (took about three hours) for a table for two. I'll check it out in a couple of weeks to see if it really worked.
  4. No good...doors aren't wide enought to roll through, ADA lawsuit:)
  5. Kewlguy, Like david4 said, thank you for the C&A Warning. I need one more credit to go diamond, so I scheduled a Bermuda cruise in Oct. If the requirements do not change prior to Oct 25th, I will be Diamond :). If RCI changes the rules before Oct 25th, I may not be Diamond, but I still get a cruise to Bermuda:) Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Not staying in your cabin:) We ended up with 7145. It's on the port side and looks to be in a left over space the designers couldn't figure out what to do with.:)
  7. I did the GTY on the 10/25 sailing and got one of the aft cabins on deck 7. I have no idea what I got into, but for $399/pp, what can I lose? Which sailing are you on? Tom
  8. This is from the same person who posted the following concerning sharing soda cards: "I willl get flamed for this but anyway, a few cups of soda is nothing compared to the lost revenue from booze smuggling. You will get a new soda cup when they put your coke sticker on your card. Give the new cup to DH and you keep the card with the sticker. I'm annoyed at people who would smuggle liquor onboard get holier then thou when it comes to sharing a 5 cent coke." Policy is policy.
  9. bigotry Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This big·ot·ry /ˈbɪgətri/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[big-uh-tree] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun, plural -ries. 1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own. 2. the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot. BB62 Driver, Go and enjoy. The Southern route is the best. BTW, Is it possible that you may have been the skipper of the New Jersey in a former life?
  10. 1) Buying a bottle of rum at the store on the promenade and enjoying it on the balcony before bedtime 2) Buying a bottle of rum at the store on the promenade, paying the $9.00 surcharge, and enjoying it on the balcony before bedtime. 3) Free entrance to Johnny Rockets I'm sure I'll think of more.
  11. I sent a request for a table for two on the Granduer about an hour ago. Just received a response comfirming a table for two. Thanks for the address.
  12. Thanks JC. That's exactly what I thought. If I have this right: 1) The no alcohol policy is not about lost revenue- @ $9.00/bottle, they must have been making a ton of money 2) The no alcohol policy is not about keeping us safe from ourselves- You can get unlimited wine delivered to your room. So, what is the reason for the policy? Anyone?
  13. You've got that right. The more I read about the alcohol policy, the more confused I get. RCI did away with the policy of buying a bottle of rum in the onboard store, paying the $9.00 fee, and taking the bottle to your room. This is where I get confused: Can't you buy a wine package onboard, pay the fee and have a bottle delivered to your cabin? Also, is it still permissable for your TA to "give" you a bottle of wine and have it delivered to your room?
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