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  1. Germany Explores Rescue for Genting’s Shipyards (2/23/2021) https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/germany-explores-rescue-for-genting-s-shipyards
  2. For the aftermath of the pandemic, I’m considering this 2022 WC. It offers cautious travelers a preponderance of sea days and safe ports. Although it doesn’t sail around the world, it seems to provide a relaxing Grand Voyage to and from Australia. Being unfamiliar with Cunard and preferring smaller ships, a few issues trouble me. Will there be a lot of short-term (per segment) passengers, or are most of them on for the entire cruise? Are onboard activities sufficiently varied and engrossing to cope with so many sea days? How well do fellow Americans handle the suit and tie dre
  3. Mounting concerns about MV Werften's future SEATRADE CRUISE NEWS mounting-concerns-about-mv-werftens-future
  4. Sorry to hear this, Roy. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Jim
  5. It is estimated that 30% to 40% of Americans are currently reluctant to be vaccinated. Fortunately, one of the persons spreading false news has been reprimanded. Instagram removes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. over false COVID-19 vaccine claims Article: instagram-bans-robert-kennedy-jr-over-covid-19-vaccine
  6. Good article! Although it's quite technical, it provides a crucial, succinct conclusion--- "the best way to keep SARS-CoV-2 from finding new ways to escape our ongoing efforts to end this terrible pandemic is to double down on whatever we can do to prevent the virus from multiplying and spreading in the first place."
  7. TOM BRADY IS INVINCIBLE! California boy, New England champion, discoverer of "fountain of youth" in Florida!
  8. I recognize that "herd immunity " is loosely defined and is being used in many contexts. I envision that it, ideally, resembles the type of nearly universal immunity achieved for smallpox.
  9. The South African mutation confirms that herd immunity from COVID must eventually be obtained on a worldwide basis to end the pandemic. According to the RAPS Vaccine Tracker of 55 possible vaccines, there are nine vaccines currently authorized for use in various parts of the world, and an additional eight vaccines undergoing phase 3 testing. The global vaccine marketplace does appear to be constrained by “big phama” patent protections and nationalist chauvinism. Thus, Russian, Chinese, and Indian products are ignored in much of the developed world. With seventeen vaccine
  10. Not sure what it tells me??? I suspect many of those making the decisions have already received both doses.
  11. The data in this table illustrates why immunization in not an urgent necessity throughout the entire population. Prioritizing herd immunity rather than full protection for those facing the greatest danger is hard to justify. COVID-19 Hospitalization and Death by Age - (CDC data) Age Hospitalization Death 0-4 years 9x lower 9x lower 5-17 years 9x l
  12. This discussion has focused on the UK. I hope regulators in the USA do not follow the same path. Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were swiftly approved on an emergency basis, due to highly successful efficacy results followed during the tests. I fear that the type of half-baked leeway taken in the UK could provide a systematic means for many of the FDA & CDC expectations to be waived aside.
  13. Article received yesterday---- Reader success story: How a credit card enabled a $40,000 refund from a canceled cruise https://thepointsguy.com/news/reader-success-story-amex-dispute-cruise/
  14. The Covid pandemic is being spread by silent carriers at both the “macro = large scale” and “micro = small scale” levels. Thus, all types of spreading deserve to be recognized on this thread, along with ways to avoid them. I wish to call attention to the present likelihood that silent carriers are going to be spreading the virus during a large number of sports parties this weekend. Across the USA, the Super Bowl is likely to be “Super Spreader Sunday”, as groups of fans gather in close proximity indoors to enjoy a hearty, shared experience.
  15. Had no critical or contrarian reasons. However, it appears we are viewing the spread of Covid on different social levels, because you've asserted that “the major spread of Covid is not travel but mainly in indoor gatherings which do not involve travel outside ones state or country.” I suppose I keyed on the discussions of “herd immunity” and routine vaccinations to point out international pandemic problems, such as mutations, that could delay the return of a normal, carefree style of international travel for many years to come. I expect the US population to be in re
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