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  1. I went out to you tube and glad I did, probably not our preference.
  2. I put LPC in the search and very little came up. Maybe I did something wrong.
  3. Has anyone tried Le Petit Chef™ At Qsine on the Equinox?
  4. Has anyone tried Le Petit Chef™ At Qsine on the equinox?
  5. Yes, I will call them. Their website appears to have a problem with same day rental
  6. Where should I book on Hilo? It looks like port stop is closed on Saturdays.
  7. Equinox Oct 29, 2021 now has Nassau day 2 instead of Grand Cayman day 3.
  8. Does anyone know where princess docks in all the islands?
  9. I guess the 4 cruises I have on the horizon were booked before AI. What date did the AI start?
  10. My last couple of cruises I booked without all the perks through my travel agent.
  11. Does the Grand Princess have partially covered balconies like the 10th deck on the Emerald Princess?
  12. I was able to open the video and article. Well it doesn't look good for the cruise industry until a vaccine is developed.
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