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  1. Look at the responses I got from a post I wrote a few days ago. You and I are in the same boat, so to speak, and the responses I got in my thread will also apply to your situation. We also had a cruise booked for Feb 2021, and we pretty much know it will be cancelled, so we refuse to give O any more money as far as a final payment is concerned, since O already owes us a FCC for the cruise they cancelled in March.
  2. I’ve been working with my TA on this, and he’s been working with Oceania. The suggestion is to cancel the Feb. 2021 cruise and put the down payment from that cruise onto our May 2022 Med cruise. So, that’s what we decided to do. But still, O will not say anything about what their plans are.
  3. Reading everything about the CDC rules for when cruising resumes, and I’m confused as to why Oceania is still selling cruises of 10 days or more in early 2021, when the rules state that no cruise can be longer than 7 days. We are booked on Riviera for a 22 day cruise in February, 2021, but we haven’t heard anything as to how this cruise is still happening and why it’s still open for reservations. I know we won’t be taking this cruise because I’m immuno-compromised, but should we cancel now or wait until O makes a decision? We already have a 5 figure FCC for cancelled cruises in March, 2020,
  4. Are European countries allowing B2B cruises? I had heard they don't allow it and only cruises of 7 days or less are allowed. Is that true? We were booked on Serenity for July 2021 for 14 days and my guess it will be cancelled.
  5. Have you read some of the new rules cruise lines will invoke once they start cruising? While not every line will do these things, many will. Covid testing before boarding, Covid testing during the cruise, ships coming into port early that will allow testing before disembarkation (ships will be in port for a day without passengers to sanitize the ship before the next cruise), strictly following boarding times and passengers will not be allowed into the terminal until their boarding time, no self carry off for disembarkation, hot tubs will be closed and some ships will close their water parks,
  6. The voters in Key West voted to ban ships carrying more than 1300 passengers and they will limit the number of cruise passengers to 1500 per day. While this ban will not apply to lines like Oceania, Regent, Azamara, Crystal, Seabourn, Silversea and other boutique lines, it will impact those lines if more than two or three visit on the same day. Does anyone think this will hurt the bottom line in KW, or do they make enough from land vacations? In 2018, KW saw more than 1,000,000 cruise passengers
  7. Just be aware that if you use a power wheelchair that weighs more than 300lbs, American will not allow you to fly on their ERJ and CRJ aircraft. So, you either have to switch to a smaller chair or only fly their larger jets. That’s going to be difficult because many airports only have regional jets or they fly to popular destinations using only the small jets.
  8. You will dock at Kings Wharf and it’s a short ferry ride to Hamilton and their downtown area. The ferry is very accessible but the big thing is, a lot of Hamilton is not accessible. Most of the shops have steps to get inside and curb cut outs are not easily found and can be very steep. There is an accessible mall right at Kings Wharf, but watch for traffic. Those who rent the scooters there drive like demons.
  9. I know it’s early in the process to start up, but we’ve been wondering about a lot of things. Will the pools and hot tubs be closed? My guess is yes. How does one practice social distancing in elevators? Will they have staff on each floor in the elevator lobbies loading each car? Will the casinos be closed? What about Baristas? I can’t see the little snack buffet being open. Can’t play 8 person team trivia and socially distance at the same time. I guess what I’m saying is, I feel sorry for all those who will have to make tough decisions that they know will have a negative impact on th
  10. Are we limited to asking questions that certain people approve of first? A question is a freaking question and as long as it isn’t obscene or goes against the terms of service, all questions should be allowed, whether someone thinks it’s a silly question ( I don’t happen to think the OP’s question is out of bounds) or not. Sometimes, we as humans, are just curious, it’s just that simple. I’ve been ripped in the past for asking a question that some here thought was stupid, but when dealing with online personalities, we take the good with the not so good. Sorry, zoncom, for people being disr
  11. And if they require a doctor’s letter that says you’re fit to cruise, those letters can also be faked. So, will they take the time to call each doctor to verify the letter? Can cruise lines even ask about a passenger’s health history? Does that not violate HIPPA laws?
  12. So this means Oceania will have to completely redo their itineraries to fit the 7 day restriction. Not an easy thing to do. I think these rules will better fit the mass market lines who do 7 day cruises as a matter of course. We have a B2B booked on Riviera in February, which will have to be totally changed. I wonder how they will handle the cancelling process?
  13. I swear we saw this same person. He was using one of those huge bariatric scooters and he was an extreme danger. He crashed into a line of lounge chairs at the pool, backed up, and kept on going, never saying a word. He ran into another scooter in the buffet, hitting it pretty hard. But here’s the worst thing. He somehow hooked up his wife’s scooter to the back of his scooter and they rode around like that for most of the cruise. When asked why the woman couldn’t handle her own scooter he said her dementia didn’t allow her to go it alone. They were a danger to everyone.
  14. I have the feeling the ADA might be called into action if passengers are discriminated against with regards to cruising and COVID vaccines. If one can prove that they cannot get the vaccine, whether due to health issues or religious reasons, cruise lines cannot discriminate against those persons. There are certain exclusions for travelers who cannot take, for example, Yellow Fever shots, but they are still allowed to travel.
  15. I have seen a lot of those huge, four wheeled scooters on ships. On one of my most recent cruises, I counted six of them lined up along the wall outside the restaurant. And this was on an Oceania ship, which are not large ships by any means.
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