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  1. kitty9

    Infant Amenities (Nautica)

    Oceania is definitely not set up for infants, so you will have to bring everything for the child with regards to food, diapers and all the other baby items. There are no public changing tables and IF there is any kind of crib, it will be a Pack N Play type, and you will need to bring sheets from home. Did you book the cruise already? If not, if you choose a cruise where there are more than two consecutive sea days, the child will need to be at least 18 months to be permitted to travel. And, if the child has any kind of health issues, just realize that medical center is not at all equipped for infants and their specific issues.
  2. kitty9

    Who is comparable to Oceania ?

    A big question is what your mother’s health like for a person in her 80’s. At many ports, there can be many steps just to get up to the street level, and in some, it’s can be an unpaved path. Then there’s the whole issue of having to walk across other boats that are roped together in the river and you will have to traverse the other boats to get on shore. Finally, there’s the whole river level issue. If the river is too low or too high, you’ll have your trip turned into a bus tour rather than a river cruise.
  3. kitty9

    Oceania vs. Celebrity

    We have been on more than 35 Celebrity cruises, and since we’ve seen a decline in that product, we left X and came over to Oceania and haven’t regretted the move——not one tiny bit. We don’t go for shows or fancy entertainment, but we love great food and service, in which Oceania excels. We also don’t want the big crowds or lots of kids, so O meets that requirement also. On O, all non-alcohol beverages are included, including special coffees, unlike on X. There’s lobster for lunch and dinner every night in the buffet and there’s no charge for their specialty restaurants.
  4. kitty9

    Front facing 8000

    We've done 3 cruises in Vista Suites and there are 2 big downsides with cabins at the front. One, it's impossible to being on the balcony when the ship is moving. It tends to be quite breezy in the Caribbean and when you add in the wind you get from the ship's movement, makes it very difficult to be on the deck. The second problem is that you're required to keep your drapes closed at night. I still do not understand why-----something having to do with the bridge----but that's their rule. On one of our cruises, the people in 8000 insisted on keeping their balcony door open all the time. After the second day, we had to tell out butler to talk to them because of the noise. It was a high pitch squeal of the air blowing through the cabin and under the door. He said he had already spoken to them about keeping their door shut when the ship is moving, but they refused, so he needed to get the ship's security person to tell them the door must be closed when the ship was moving. They finally kept the door closed.
  5. Blu is only included for those booked in Aqua Class. If you want to dine in Blu, they may accommodate those not in AC, but there is a fee for that.
  6. kitty9

    Cuba Cruise via Majesty of the Seas

    Majesty is a really old ship, and won't be nearly as accessible as newer ones. Also, Cuba is still coming into its own as far as tourists. It is not all that disabled friendly. But, if you can climb up steps into a bus, you could do any tour that's rated as easy. But even with that, I've found that a lot of the local sites in Havana will be on bumpy walkways and there are lots of steps to get into buildings.
  7. We had to Med Evac our mom when she fell and broke her hip on a ship. Believe me, you have no say how and where you're taken. We wanted mom to be flown back to her hospital/doctors in Wisconsin, but we weren't given the choice. It was Miami or Ft Lauderdale, period. Despite the fact that we had the means to fly her where we wanted, we had to listen to the ship's medical staff. As for the jet, it was tiny, filled with medical equipment plus a nurse and Med tech person. My sister flew with mom, and I had to fly commercial to Ft Lauderdale, and the only luggage allowed for them was a small carry on. This all happened 11 years ago, and her flight was about 45 minutes long, and even then, it was more than $9000, and we had to pay it all up front, and get reimbursed by insurance after we got home. Cruise lines are being sued for all kinds of reasons, and they are getting tougher with a lot of things, especially with passengers that seem to have complicated medical issues.
  8. Unfortunately, those who book cruises on the phone do not do anything other than book the cabin. It's not their responsibility or their job to tell you all the ins and outs of your ship/cabins. And really, most of those phone bookers have never set foot on a ship and they aren't disabled and have no idea what that's all about. That said, we disabled know, through our own research, what we need from a cruise. There are a few very hard and fast rules when it comes to cruising as a physically challenged person, with the first being that ships older than 10 years or so, aren't the best with regards to being accessible, so those of us with the most physical challenges avoid them. Next, for the most part, if you are unable to negotiate some steps, or on a mobility scooter, tender ports are out of the question (that's something you need to look at for yourself---if an itinerary has lots of tender ports, you won't be leaving the ship). As for your cruise, I'm not sure what you expected them to do. They can't rebuild the ship, remove tough barriers or make things easier on an older ship. That's not something feasible. Like I said, you needed to do your due diligence and research the ship and itinerary you wanted, and that also might mean finding a good, local travel agent who could have helped you with all of this. Oh, and by the way, I'm full time disabled and confined to a mobility scooter full time, so I do understand the needs of the disabled.
  9. kitty9

    For Oceania cruisers considering Azamara

    OMG, they killed it. I've cruised on the original triplets many times and really loved them. Windstar ruined the pool deck.
  10. kitty9

    Cruise Clothing

    Sometimes, a person will perspire and the underpants can get quite damp and even smelly. Not everyone wears a bathing suit all day, and some excursions are quite physical and sweaty.
  11. kitty9

    Handicap excursions from the ship?

    I've been fully disabled nearly all my life due to polio. I've been on nearly 100 cruises, and been to more than 100 countries. For the past 9 years I've been confined to a mobility scooter, and still continue to cruise. When you say disabled, it means many things. It can run from someone with problems walking long distances all the way to someone in a bariatric power wheelchair. It can also mean someone with mobility issues due to MS, arthritis, asthma, heart conditions and breathing difficulties, not to mention vision and hearing challenges. And there are a lot of other conditions that can affect your cruise. In order to help you, we need more info on your specific condition. But generally speaking, if your condition is more physically involved, you will find it difficult to find ship sponsored tours that will work. Also, the more exotic the port, the better the chance you won't find much offered. Over the years, I have had to find private tours for myself. And finally, you have to realize that able bodied staff are the ones who rate tours as to their accessibility, and they have no idea what being disabled entails. They can rate a tour as perfect for all disabilities, when in all reality, it's not.
  12. I've done 18 Crystal cruises and I can tell you that many do not care for the changes with regards to the open seating that's been introduced. Lots of complaints about how close the tables are and there is very little privacy even if you have a table for two. As a solo cruiser on Crystal, I much preferred the traditional seating as opposed to open seating, but Crystal bowed to pressure from the likes of Regent, Seabourn and Silversea who have open seating. The Churrascura restaurant is really very good, but the change in the buffet area has not been well received by many. Cabins are very much smaller on Crystal, with the average size of their "regular" cabins being approx 250sq ft.
  13. We originally booked 1015 on Explorer, but when I looked again and realized that it was below the pool, I called our TA and he switched us to 1200. He said his Regent rep told him that those two Grand Suites get complaints about the noise.
  14. That's correct. Our final payment was just last week for our Feb, 2019 cruise. But, what's a GV?
  15. Nope, There's no tab on the right side of the page that says Book La Reserve.