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  1. Including: One brand of draught beer (Heineken*) and/or Miller Lite bottled beer Selection of house wines by the glass Selection of spirits and cocktails Aperitifs (Vermouth) Alcohol-free cocktails Soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass Energy drinks Bottled mineral water Classic hot drinks (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot tea) Coffee and chocolate delights (hot and cold) Can be consumed in all onboard bars as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, excluding speciality restaurants.Satisfy your thirst with our d
  2. So far I have seen the Easy (?) Drink package at $35.00 per person per day. I'll see if I can grab a link for you. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/my-msc/plan-my-cruise#/Beverages
  3. Thank you for your reply! I am in Florida in the US and as you know or cruising has yet to resume. Covid cases are up but with that being said many of the cruise lines are working towards complying with CDC so we can get up and cruising again. For the most part will be cruising to the lines private islands but truthfully I would be content to just get on board and not have a destination at all!! Reading your reviews is my one link to sanity! Please keep cruising and sharing!!!!
  4. Thank you so much for both of your enjoyable reviews while on board! We are all so looking forward to start up in the US...as slow as it may be. I understand Italy is under lockdown again? Is this true or will you still be able to cruise? Again, thanks for this...it is keeping my dream alive!
  5. I feel your pain 100% ...I am going through the same deal right now. In the last 2 days I have booked 5 MSC sailings...I am thrilled they are coming to PC!!! I have yet to sail and am curious about everything! It looks like the easy package would suite me just fine! Also I normally carry my luggage on board but I suspect there may be all kinds of new rules to follow once we do get cruising again!
  6. I couldn't agree more but with the other bookings I have right now I had to squish in a short one to give it a try!
  7. Thank you for that info! I appreciate it!
  8. I just booked my first MSC and even tho I have over 60 with Royal I feel like I am going on my first ever cruise! I am a Diamond member and wondering what I can expect on a 4 day Seaside? I also think 35 a day for a drink package seems like a fair price. Question, are we allowed to carry on any alcohol? I know each line has their own policies? Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes....a working card less app would also be great fro getting drinks at the bar...not having to handle a pen that 30 other people had used before you. It would also save on time. I can see this on the newer ships but I don't think some of the older favorites are wired for such.
  10. I cancelled one cruise March 9th and a second one on March 10th...both booked thru Big Box TA. I received the port and taxes from March 9th on Monday. I received 97.00 of the 288.00 for the cruise I cancelled on March 10th on Monday as well. I have not seen one penny of an FCC.................... Not sure what the thinking is but if I had my FCC's I would be booking cruises in the future. I won't book anything until I am fully refunded.
  11. I will be on the TA with you! Your day seems very similar to mine..as does your weight loss maintenance !! I was wondering if there is a spa area we can use after the gym to shower off and maybe Steam Room or Sauna? My balcony will be overlooking Central Park! Thanks so much for the pictures!!!
  12. I am just now educating myself with this cruise line. In Nov 2020 the Armonia will set sail from Tampa and I can NOT wait!!! For those of us being closer to North Florida ports this is great news and Ocean Cay...WOW!!! I am a Loyal to Royal girl that needs a change and while researching found all this!! Super excited!!!! Please post updates and reviews as you visit!
  13. Booked 3 weeks ago...ship has been sold out but for one Suite for over a week. 6 days to go and no cabin assignment! I just checked luggage tags hoping to gain some insight and they are blank as well! Still just praying for someplace above deck 3!
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