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  1. We checked in before noon, we had a pick up time from the hotel shuttle through NCL of 9:30 am. The suite check in process was seamless - they have a separate area for them with snacks. From the checkin, they escorted us to Cagneys and we ate. Took about an hour for lunch - we moved slow as room wasn’t ready and then explored the ship. Room ended up not being ready until about 3-3:30. Takes them a while to get cleaned. They called guest room availability by floor as done. It was random by floors. Overall, pretty smooth and having Cagneys helps pass some time. I wouldn’t rush through lunch there - it will take them some time to prep rooms.
  2. Should be in good shape. They have a separate checkin for suite holders - with snacks. Once checked in, they will escort you on the ship and straight to Cagneys for lunch (at least they did for us). Enjoy!
  3. Not sure of closing, but I always tried to be in for lunch by 1. It’s well worth it, and I would HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of the breakfast and lunch for suite holders (we did), as the quality of food is worlds better - I mean worlds. Breakfast starts at 6 at Cagneys. Yes, you can have breakfast on disembarkation day (we did). Nice way to start off that day, as again the food is worlds better. I really can’t say that enough - it was “meh” at best elsewhere. I will say most of the POA reviews are spot on now that I have been on the ship.
  4. Was also on the POA and just got back home. I thought Gary was pretty darn good. Of the shows I saw, I enjoyed his the most.
  5. Nope. Just disembarked yesterday. There are a couple US and European plugs. We stayed in an owners suite, and we took power strips to help. I would recommend taking a power strip to help with devices. Clearly an area that needs looked at.
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