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  1. Likewise, we love meeting and getting to know people of all ages! Cruising is a very different style of vacation than we usually go for, but different is good and I think we'll probably add it into the rotation more often when everything settles down. I hope our paths cross in the future, we would love to hang out with you and your wife!
  2. Eh, I've done plenty of research on VV and it really does not appeal to me at all. It feels to me like a more upscale version of Carnival, and I'm not interested in that vibe.
  3. To that point, while I'm not a "techie kid," I do live in Silicon Valley and there are so many of us with a good amount of disposable income who have no interest in having children. I'm an older millenial, husband is a younger GenX, and we have plenty of people in our social circle who fit the same description. People our age aren't chomping at the bit to have kids anymore and, personally, for us that means we vacation 3-4 times per year around the world instead. I do think Celebrity is smart to try and bring in people who fit my demographic. We've only cruised once on X and enjoyed it i
  4. Agree with this. I did my first Celebrity cruise early in Feb and had a marvelous time, but Celebrity's response to this situation has been worse than a failure. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I was scheduled for a Viking cruise in early April and Viking's decision to cancel all sailings came early, communication was always clear and ongoing, and there hasn't been any confusion whatsoever. I can tell you that if/when this all comes to an end, Celebrity will be far down on my list of who I choose to do business with. I've always said that when it comes to trave
  5. Because you can still be a carrier of the virus - and therefore be TRANSMITTING IT TO OTHERS - without ever exhibiting any symptoms.
  6. Annnnd responses like this are exactly why this virus is continuing to spread out of control. 🙄
  7. Yes, kudos to Viking. I was scheduled to sail with them on a Danube river cruise in three weeks, and this announcement has alleviated much stress and anxiety due to the uncertainty and fluidity of the day by day changes. They've been nothing short of stellar throughout this whole situation, we received the refund/future cruise offer posted above a couple of hours ago, not long at all after the Europe travel restrictions were announced. I sailed with Celebrity last month, and I couldn't help thinking that I likely wouldn't have recieved such a prompt and original response from X as
  8. We were just in Concierge class on a Reflection cruise with a specialty dining package. We made reservations once onboard, and for the last night in Murano we didn't get the time we wanted but booked a time we didn't really love anyway. Then sometime on the first or second sea day (of a 10 night cruise) we went to the Concierge and asked about getting an earlier time there. He looked at the system and wasn't able to move us to our preferred time, but said he would follow up directly with the restaurant. The next day he left a message for us in our cabin saying that our time had been change
  9. This sounds amazing. Is it from a particular bar, or will they make it at any? Thank you for sharing!!
  10. DH and I have upgraded to premium for our upcoming cruise (our very first with Celebrity!) because we ARE self-admitted wine snobs and the classic package offerings that I've seen while reading these boards won't be sufficient for us. The premium package still doesn't really cut it, but hey, we'll sacrifice a bit since we'll be on a fab vacation. 😉
  11. If I were in your situation, I'd get something like this from Amazon, and then also get a pair of leggings to wear over it if necessary. IMO it's cuter than a traditional skin suit/rash guard, and gives you flexibility to just wear the top part or add leggings if you need to.
  12. I flew with Randy and Mountain Air last May, and I am just devastated by this news. I sat in the front with him and he was conscientious, smart, kind, and had a strong passion for showing guests his home. My heart and thoughts are with all those affected during this difficult time.
  13. Oceanic makes a mask for small faces, which is what I use for diving and I love it. It's the Oceanic Mini Shadow, which is a smaller version of their standard-sized Shadow. My husband uses the Shadow and use the Mini Shadow, and it's comical when our masks get mixed up. 😀
  14. I have a pair of Keen Whisper sandals that I swear by. In fact, the very first activity I wore them for was cave tubing in Belize and they're still perfect 5 years later. I don't know what size you are, but in my size they are currently $84 or less (different prices for different colors) on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003Z4JWFC/ As for your DH and son, I would first check Amazon to see what they have in Keens or Merrills. You might be surprised at some prices.
  15. You could certainly try it! As long as you're not going over your carry-on allowance, I don't see why it should be a problem. Personally, though, I find that my fins are actually the easiest thing to pack! They lay flat in the very bottom of my suitcase, and then I use the foot pockets to stash my mask and other random small accessories. I hope you have a blast! St Thomas was the very first tropical diving that DH and I experienced after certifying and diving the cold waters of Northern California where we live. It's a very happy memory for us for that reason! 😄
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