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  1. 9/2/20 The $200 refund from Crystal appeared in my account.
  2. On 8/11/19 I paid $200 onboard Serenity for an open advance booking. We didn't use it so it automatically cancelled on 2/11/20. 3/13/20 my travel agent called Crystal and was told it was being refunded to my credit card. 6/25/20 she called and was told I should see it any day now. 8/3/20 was told still being processed and the agent would escalate to a supervisor. 8/27/20 filed a dispute with B of A on the card. It's way outside the statute limit but B of A has helped me out before. Fingers crossed. This was our first cruise on Crystal, and any goodwill they
  3. We'll be sailing on Mariner. A Regent phone agent said that the TVs are Bluetooth equipped and can play through a Bluetooth headset. Can anyone confirm this?
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