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  1. Title says it all. Are launry rooms open when in port?
  2. Just to clarify IS it possible to book the EZ air part AFTER THE CRUISE ENDS? We won't know when we are coming back until after we have been there a few days. skynight says NO. Does anyone have any contradictory info?
  3. That was the info I needed THANK YOU Does anyone have any contrary opinions?
  4. Doing repo to Brazil Have na aprtment there, so no rush heading back. Can we book w/ EZ-AIR after the cruise?
  5. Thank you This whole thing is funny, because a simple, question does not have simple answers. The laundrey will go back on the ship- There are other clothes which we will not be needing that goes to apartment. It is quite simple if you live in 2 countries, but so since most people do not, I use European cruises as an analogy. BTW- the keyword when researching is "REJOIN" Leaving a cruise in one city and meeting it in another is REJOINING. That is NOT what we are doing, but it is closest search term I could find. It is not unusual for a cruise that overnites in Rio, for people to leave ship and go to a city 2 hrs away like Buzios and spend the night. Now they will need to take a carryyon off the ship. WHat is the process?
  6. Stop missing the point. It is not about being screened. It is about standing around for 3 hours whiel they find someone to nod and say OK. Been on cruises that terminated in brazil- you fill out a form and no one looks. Happy fpor security or anyone else to look at clothes. Just do not want to be inconvenienced. Did a cruise from Europe to Brazil stopping in Rio and ending in São Paulo Made arrangements to get off in Rio . Was told we have to be ready at 8:30 leave with the group We walked off at 11 with no problem. So to be clear , screening is not the issue inconvenience is!
  7. Appreciate information appreciate the information but there was nothing on there that was not already known. when I asked the question what size bag you can take off without security stopping you, it was not about smuggling it was about laundry. an overnight stop in Rio is a great opportunity to have laundry done at cheaper prices before continuing voyage . My scenario is not unusual, as it is not unusual on a European cruise for people to jump off in one city and fly to the next They do not have to be up at 6:30 AM to meet customs agent, Again- I do appreciate all the answers and we will eventually find one that works
  8. as I appreciate everyone's answers, there's a key piece being messed "this is South America . I can almost guarantee, no matter what the cruise line says , things will not happen that way " We are going to try to contact the Port agent and see if they have any insight. D
  9. 1st 2 weeks in December you will always get good last-minute rates for Mexico/Caribbean Once you come to vacation week, sold out is name of the game We always wait until after final payment, but never travel peak times. we just bought Fort Lauderdale-Buenos Aries 2 weeks beyond final payment . Balcony cabins were $1159 before final payment and we paid $743
  10. The TA was the one that spoke, he made it seems like they had a whole deptartment discussing it. this will be fun
  11. OP here again I'm going to start detailing the Odyssey of getting an answer from Princess I asked my VTG-TA the question he put me on hold. Comes back 10 minutes later and says; "They want to know how much the suitcases will weigh?" My response was" what a stupid question, they don't have scales when leaving the ship> so tell them 2 suitcases 20 pounds" 20 minutes later he comes back and says: | "they say that you have to leave the ship with the same weight that you brought on" I said "an even stupider response, and I will email you why" Here is the email: ------begin email-------------------------- Here is why the response is "STUPID" You were told: "you have to leave the ship with the same weight that you arrive on the ship with" Problem- many people bring on suitcases of soda and water. One case = 20 lbs It is not unusual on a long cruise for people to bring suitcases with 3-4 cases of water therefore, they leave the cruise with 40-80 pounds less then they boarded I will let you know if I receive an intelligent answer to this question. ---------end email------------------------- Does anyone here know how I can contact an intelligent person in the right department at Princess?
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