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  1. There are few "free" tests out there. Insurance may cover your test, making it "free", or they may not, as travel is not essential. I would look more closely at the many threads discussing testing that have been posted, and balance between guarantee of results vs cost. A couple of cruise lines are testing at the pier.
  2. I am guessing you will show it before being allowed to board.
  3. And maybe there is another ship due in at Aruba the next day. Or it doesn't fit the miles that need to be sailed in the time allowed, and make the other ports on the cruise.
  4. If you look around this is discussed frequently. Cooler and wetter. Yes, some will come on and say their weather was perfect, and you could certainly have good weather. But be aware there have been good storms in September (there was just one this last weekend) and some have had severe enough winds to damage ships, close ports, etc. We had sleet on Labor Day a number of years ago. Always a good idea to Google search weather in your ports. Try "Juneau September weather".
  5. Are you checking a bag? Then you need to interact and check in with staff at the airport...you won't just be going direct to the gate. Have you put your passport info into your booking? If so, it is possible you won't show your passport, but I would plan on showing your passport and you might be able to print your boarding pass...particularly for a domestic leg. Otherwise, plan on getting your boarding passes when you check your bags. Over on the Italy board, there is this thread on testing requirements, etc:
  6. We have stayed in the Hilton Gaslamp. Nice place, pretty much in the middle of all the action.
  7. B-i-L and S-i-L were just on Crystal....they were at 50% on their sailing.
  8. The port and town is Seward. If available, the 26 glacier tour is one of the best tours we have ever done.
  9. Pretty sure most of the satellites are near 23.5 North, the Tropic of Cancer. At least the ones for the northern Hemisphere.
  10. Few cruises can truly say their internet is reliable, no matter where they are sailing. There are too many variables, location, bandwidth, demand on that bandwidth.
  11. There are extremely few cruises that go Seattle to Vancouver. Usually just one or two nights, to repo the ship so it can sail from Vancouver to a US port, making it legal under the PSVA. The occasional longer one is usually only done once per year, for the same repo purposes.
  12. Totally agree. Ask on the board for the cruise line you are sailing on. It's not a Miami thing, it's a cruise line thing.
  13. The best Inside Passage is sailing from Vancouver...I call that the "true Inside Passage". To get to virtually any of the standard Alaska ports you need to sail a little Inside Passage. But the Inside Passage most everyone talks about requires starting or ending in Vancouver.
  14. Does it make sense....well, I will say it happens, perhaps most commonly, from my experience in London between Heathrow and Gatwick. But I wouldn't do it. The better option is the United flight through EWR. Yes, it adds 4 hours, but without the additional complexity and stress of changing airports. I would do that route in a heartbeat before changing airports.
  15. The Florida Departures board is here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/
  16. If you look over on the Florida Departures board, there are tons of discussions on your transportation needs. The answer is yes, there are shuttles. Uber also works very well.
  17. What other state has an end date? Its all based on the number of cases and hospitalizations. In California it is a statewide issue, with statewide standards, not so much county by county. In my county, case rates are falling fast, but in other counties the ICUs are totally full. So my county is following the statewide policies (which are slightly tighter than CDC recommendations), and cases are falling fast after a peak about a month ago. By the way, California has the lowest case rate per capita in the US over the last week or 10 days. Rather than doing the standard "its California" stereotyping, looking at the big picture would be a better idea.
  18. Absolutely able to be on your balcony! You definitely want to wonder your ship to look at the process from all angles...there are amazing things to see. But you can be on your balcony. Curious why you think you couldn't?
  19. Worksite Labs is a vendor for tests. They have been affiliated with Hawaiian Airlines, but anybody can use them.
  20. I am retired and live in Sonoma County. I have the option of Worksite, located near 101/280. Why wouldn't you?
  21. No. 70 knots is 80.5mph. Category 1 hurricane.
  22. The fact you are seeing them on other international flights shows they definitely could be crew rest seats. Pilots can only fly 7 hours...so how do you do an 8 or 10 hour flight? With spare crew, usually one additional pilot for up to 10 hours, 2 extra pilots if over 10 hours. Flight attendants also get rest. Some planes have separate rest cabins away from pax. Delta might also have a policy for high level elites always having seats available to them for booking or upgrades, at least up to some time frame prior to departure, when those seats are offered up for sale or assignments, if not committed.
  23. The can be a number of reasons. First, blocked for crew rest/crew deadheading, when it is just a couple of seats. The large number can be a tour group.
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