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  1. Hello all! Thank you so much to everyone who has posted about their experiences on here, they've been invaluable in my planning up until now! We are planning to cruise on RCI for our wedding (hasn't been booked yet). I have questions, and I'm hoping you all can help. Group booking - our current list has about 75 people on it. Of those, I expect fewer than 50 to attend, with approximately 22 state rooms. I've read that some cruise lines will provide a meeting room for use during the cruise for group bookings. Did you find that to be true on RCI? Cost - We are planning to do the Vows at Sea package (currently listed at $3850 for 50 people). I'm assuming taxes are additional, but I saw a comment recently that indicated a 15% charge for the wedding planners used prior to the cruise (not the on board coordinator). Is that included in the $3850 or is it an additional cost? I am hoping to hold the wedding a few hours before dinner, and then have a happy hour of some kind after dinner at one of the bars to cut the cake. Has anyone done this? How did this work for you? Thanks!
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