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  1. Paid in full for 16 June, no. Chance to rebooked til ????? . RQ full refund: very sad. Despite our progress, it’s clear that Europe isn’t ready for us vaccinated....and my destination, France, is averaging 30,000 cases a day. If the westbound Dec Sailing goes, we’ll sign up anew.sad.
  2. Maryland USA: have both shots, husband tomorrow. All my (over 75) friends are almost done. Starting 60+ group. It seems that big cities are lagging a bit. But the problem seems to be more of getting accurate information rather than the actual jab: that part is rolling along better than a Ford assembly line. However I am a bit concerned about the new varient coverage. If the Pfizer Shot isn’t effective enough we’ll be going nowhere for quite awhile. So cross fingers.
  3. Just for fun, I learned this from my daughters: use your phone or iPad to take photos of everything...your ticket, passport, vaccine certificate...and if you need, a Photo of your daily program. I create an album in Photos and name it QM2 6/16 or as needed.
  4. Watching Sky News this a.m., TUES 9 Feb., 2021, shocked to hear news that U.K. is closing further: It applies to travelers arriving from 33 countries. At cost of over 1200£ arriving passengers must quarantine in assigned hotel and be tested twice. Huge fines for none compliance. Here is a link to the list of the 33 countries: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/transport-measures-to-protect-the-uk-from-variant-strains-of-covid-19#travel-bans-to-the-uk---banned-countries Alert: the USA is not on the list.
  5. June 16, 2021; QM2 Eastbound TA. Whyever not? The Cunard website actually talks about the measures to be taken on their early crossings. Final payment is next week. Might as well enjoy the dream, preparing is half the fun. If they cancel, I’ll bump to July 6, then to August 1. Two things might stop it, both out of Cunard’s control. 1. Will the US allow the QM2 to arrive in Brooklyn? 2. Will the U.K. PERMIT US citizens to enter? i get my second jab this week. Having the vaccine, I feel that a recovery can be just around the corner. Things could change quickl
  6. Has the media mentioned how and when vaccinations will set us free?
  7. June 16. QM2 Eastbound. I think there’s a 50-50 chance she’ll sail and weighted even greater if the vaccines proceed here in the US as planned. My friends in the U.K. & France have already gotten their first jab, so cross fingers! If that doesn’t go we’ll move to the July 6 sail on QM2.
  8. Aug 5, 1963. I sailed down the Hudson, my sister waving a hankie and a band playing from the end of the pier. I was on my way to Cherbourg with no return ticket and not enough money to come home. I was going to get a job in Europe: happily I did. This is the label on my Steamer trunk, which is in my basement 57 years later. My bunk mates were three women going to their Junior Year abroad assignments. The bathroom was down the hall. We ate at assigned long bench tables. Our cockney waiter insisted that we change from American to English eating style. Our first course was always fish and h
  9. I think we have the airlines to blame for people wanting to slip by with not taking two men’s suits on to their passenger ship. It’s primarily about weight restrictions on planes so only those lucky people who can drive to port can relax and hand in their luggage at embarkation. Of course there is the resistance of many of the male species to being bound up on vacation. I really think a man in a tux is a sexy thing, and once my husband heard me say that, he’s been enthusiastic!
  10. Confusing, for sure. The plus with this itinerary is that it is not returning to the US and so the 7 day rule might not apply. That has not been clarified. Foreign ports are an issue, perhaps they won’t want the Constellation to call. Or maybe some will, some won’t. To be honest the TA stops don’t matter to me. Surely the ship won’t sail if the passengers cannot disembark on arrival in Spain. France is currently under lockdown but my friends and neighbors have already had their first shots (but generally the French are vaccine averse...go figure.) My 1B Group has not been cal
  11. Here is a guess, though I haven’t crunched the numbers. Perhaps your deposit in reality becomes the travel agent’s commission. I’ve seen that in other travel agency operations. My expertise, however, is past it’s Sell By date.
  12. APR. 19 Celebrity Constellation T.A Tampa-Barcelona. Final due this week. No real news on status. Full refund available up to 48 hours prior to departure. Should I seek a later sailing or wait this out? I’m in Group 1B in Md and pretty sure we’ll get our vaccines in time. We are motivated to get to our house in France and have Euro passport + residence permit. I’ve actually considered keeping this and adding another later TA, with similar refunds. 😁 I’m sure there are opinions out there: what would you do?
  13. I took her last voyage, Venice to Singapore. The Ryndam still remains my #1. I guess that the new Ryndam will be really big. Happy New Year from Frederick. I’m hoping to sail back to the Med in April.
  14. Get Open Seating for dining, the best way to move on or make ties.
  15. Hi, here’s a soda card user, it’s a big bargain at $25. When you board just ask for it at any bar on the ship. I don’t drink soft drinks but use it for club soda, which sometimes comes by can but mostly as a fountain drink. The advice to buy your wine by the glass is a good one. Around six pm there is a wine tasting with Hors d’ouvres, which is a nice relaxing event. The corkage charge if you take your own wine to the dining room still is cost effective considering the charge per bottle in the DR. If you do get or buy a bottle the waiters will cork undrunk contents and deliver it next day at d
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