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  1. Sounds like a good plan. I think we had to call a number of times to get things straightened out.
  2. We got approval from HAL before booking the cruise. This was for a 2019 transatlantic where we boarded in Barcelona instead of Civitavecchia. We got the letter from HAL before final payment.
  3. I have boarded at the second port myself. The only extra thing we had to get was a letter from HAL indicating that we were boarding to present to the port agents. And yes, you do not get a credit for the days missed.
  4. Very emotional. We had to disembark early in Funchal this November because my husband was ill and couldn't afford to risk the transatlantic. The port of Rotterdam is very special to me since it is the first time I met my grandfather at the old HAL terminal in 1963. Tears were certainly flowing at that video of her last sail in as the RotterdamVI. Will miss you.
  5. My first trip on the Rotterdam V was a round trip transatlantic crossing in 1963 for a trip to meet my grandfather and the rest of my family for the first time. An unforgettable journey. Have also cruised several times on Rotterdam VI and will miss her. Also enjoyed staying at the Rotterdam V hotel. It was very interesteing to see all the areas of the ship we couldn't reach from tourist class! My family is from an area about a half hour from Rotterdam and Zuid Holland is my favorite place in the world. Shout out to Cooper 10-8 - I always wondered how you knew so much Dutch, but yo
  6. We are also primarily HAL cruisers, but would say that Paul Gauguin is the way to go for French Polynesia. You get to all the major islands during one week, including their private beach stop where you walk off the amphibious vehicle into the water and spend a great day using all the facilities and equipment at your disposal. The service on board was fantastic and the small size of the ship made things easy. If you go, book Patrick's outrigger tour in Bora Bora, a day you will never forget. Where else would be eating your lunch at a picnic table located in the water of the Bora Bora lagoon! (a
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