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  1. I sailed Harmony with a return flight to Newark on Super Bowl Sunday. We were at the airport, sitting at our gate with our overpriced airport snacks, before 9:30am. I booked a 10:59 flight fearing even THAT was cutting it close. I was wishing I booked an earlier flight. If you do self debarkation you are off the ship in less than 10 minutes. There is no wait for taxi's and the airport was dead. We are also TSA pre, so there were zero lines from ship to gate.
  2. Can anyone going with kids verify something for me, please? FYI, I have called RCCL and they could not give me an answer. I was even transferred to a manager. Seems a bit ridiculous that they didn't know. But, whatever. My kids will be 14 & (5 weeks shy of) 12 during the week we are looking at right now. I know they will want to do the waterpark. After several trips to Atlantis, my husband and I have zero desire to ride slides or spend a day at one. If we purchased full day passes for them, will we be required to purchase for an adult? So if you have a child under 12, can you try to book the park (full day) and see if you are forced to add an adult to the reservation? THANKS!
  3. I was a 1 and done on Harmony. My drink was not that great and I waited a while for it. If I wasn't on the drinks package, I would have been bummed. I took a few sips and left it at the Schooner Bar.
  4. We are considering cruising next April and a stop is Perfect Day Coco Cay. We have already been to Atlantis a twice and my husband and I have ZERO desire to ride water slides. My kids will be 14 and 6 weeks shy of 12 at the time of sailing. Can we buy them day passes for the Adventure Thrill Park for just them and my husband and I hang on the beach and have them check in every so often? Or, are they going to require us to buy passes and sit there all day?
  5. I sailed 1/27/19 on Harmony. My account shows no past cruises but I have also been on Sovereign (way back in the day), Explorer and Adventure. Anyone know why that is? I know we are at gold because it said so on our documents and sail pass card. But I'm curious what number we are so I know how many more cruises I need to convince my husband to book. 😉 Thanks.
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