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  1. neverbeenhere

    RCL Vs Carnival

    Lowered Expectations. Some people’s great is another’s nightmare. We don’t appreciate the Carnival Cruises style, but others do. We have tried Carnival for 50+ nights and determined we won’t try it again, unless it’s free. Try all the options to find what you like.
  2. neverbeenhere

    Only Three Formal Nights on 14-day Regal Cruise?

    Every night can be formal night. The boat with oars doesn’t have a changing room and it is formal every night. So can every night on any cruise line.
  3. What a great experience. No one got hurt and you will always remember this particular cruise. If something would happen on every cruise like this, I could easily differentiate each cruise. Enjoy cruising.
  4. neverbeenhere

    New to cruising

    Best solution: Book a stateroom near the International Cafe. Purchase the coffee/tea package. (around $36 US) Stumble out of bed in the morning wearing whatever you have or don't have on and get yourself a tea with all the cream you can stomach. If people stare at you for your lack of attire, sit back down and order another pot of tea. Enjoy cruising.
  5. Plenty of children on almost all sailings, many sailings will have few 30 year olds. 😛
  6. neverbeenhere

    Club Class intro in cabin

    We have paid the price twice and liked it as it was much better than we expected. But as a regular cruise category, we don’t value it enough as we always make sure that we get great service and food in the mdr with the “regular” staff. But to each their own. Choices to satisfy all.
  7. neverbeenhere

    Back to back same ship different rooms

    In the San Pedro community, we move our stuff around 9am to the new stateroom, then disembark to walk to town, the USS Iowa or other San Pedro attractions. Hit the store for wine and sundries and embark.
  8. neverbeenhere

    Share Holder OBC Credit

    One second to two weeks.
  9. neverbeenhere

    Missing dinner time with traditional dining

    Might I suggest: The Skagway fish company and in Juneau Hanger on the Wharf both may not look like much, but their food is quite good.
  10. neverbeenhere

    Gifts for the Genie

    Give them whatever you want to give them. They know how to dispose of things they don’t want.
  11. neverbeenhere

    Escape Room

    I think it is still $20. But this still works as a bump
  12. neverbeenhere

    Bonaire must do

    Appears they have off-road vehicles that seat four.
  13. neverbeenhere

    Crown & Anchor Status Change on B2B

    Yes Behind the Scenes Tours Personalized Gift/Amenity (per household) Concierge Club Access Priority seating at theater, ice show and AquaTheater events
  14. neverbeenhere

    Question about how dining choices “work”

    As any cruiser should do: ASK, if you have a question. The staff have heard every question and there is no need to be timid. Like, at breakfast, juices are free but at other meals you will pay. ASK ASK ASK
  15. neverbeenhere

    Question about how dining choices “work”

    No reservations needed at any meal. The Anytime dining you have is for dinner. About anytime from 5pm to 8:45pm. Lunch in in the main dining room is anytime dining everyday. This is for all passengers. Meals are posted by the venue everday. FREE MEALS Pub lunch one or two days per cruise. English fish & chips (other things too) Lunch is free in the wheelhouse bar Main Dining Room breakfast, lunch and dinner Grill - burgers fries etc International Cafe - Food items are free Pizza Horizon Buffet Caribe Cafe - Buffet #2 Embarkation day lunch in the MDR. Served until 1:30. Most Room service