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  1. Yes, staying at home rather than cruising is the answer, If one doesn't want to wear a mask.
  2. The short interest in Carnival Corporation stock is all over the place (of course), but I'd say it's about double what it was a year ago.
  3. I suggest keeping one’s GoPro on at all times on the cruises. One should get plenty of confrontation content ready to go viral.
  4. Conversion from old cruise credits to cruise points: If credits were 1-4, points = credits * 7 + 1 If credits were 5-7, points = credits * 7 + 3 If credits were > 7, points = credits * 7 + 13
  5. Apparently after years of consideration, the EU has gotten sick and tired of the Caesar drinkers invading their countries. 😛
  6. Upgrades are not a given right. Some get them, some don’t. If every inside was upgraded on a cruise, it would not necessarily follow that others get upgraded. Upset? Why? You got what you reserved. of course, I the long run the line is not going to upgrade insides on every cruise as passengers would quickly book only insides.
  7. I guess I’ll vote January 21, but I’ll also vote February 21 for a stop sailing hold being put on cruises. BTW: Never was not an option provided.
  8. Time for some truth... That is not going to last the week. 😀
  9. As I've suggested before, we should use a bit of the Logan's Run model. (1976 Movie Version) Set Carrousel age at 65. (No I'm not 64, but as it would take a number years to enact the law, I figured I better give myself some leeway.) When Covid became an issue, I was hoping for herd immunity too. The doctor in the house has corrected me on my hopes.
  10. Unless I was taped for this show last year, I’m not interested in watching others travel. enjoy you watch party.
  11. If this cruise is for you, then Celebrity is the way to go. If this cruise is for the children, then go with RCL or NCL.
  12. In order to accept this awe some thread and irregardless of what Me and the wife have done seen other’s wrote, I like plan to except others’s writing styles. I should of done it in the passed, but in some and for some most unique reason I couldn’t.
  13. Wiping the slate clean is fine unless one is booked on one of those Nov, Dec, etc cruises.
  14. For those needing some reading material because they don't received magazines anymore. See post # 73 for the treasure you might desire.
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