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  1. Take an hour off, it will save you the cost of a flight to Victoria.
  2. $ 10 (ish, total price with gratuity) Wine will be at the regular price available throughout the ship.
  3. I believe you answered your own question— they were always in the way. You can throw in, they were worn and dirty. Apparently some percentage of passengers were asking to have them removed from the room. Cheaper to throw out than to buy new.
  4. Best to be onboard or very near the ship by 9pm.
  5. Cigarettes, bowling league and credit card interest? Hmm... Everyone should enjoy whatever “class” of cruising they purchase.
  6. As the Lady President, you need to take charge. Every cruise is different, the experience you had could be repeated but I doubt it. Take charge of your situation, get to venues early, take up your own space. Enjoy your cruise. Join in when you can.
  7. Stay up late, either you will see them or if you drink enough, you will claim you saw them. 🤪🍷🍷🍷
  8. From our friends at Cruise Critic: Here's an example: Passenger Z books two cruises that are back-to-back on the same ship. The first is a repositioning from San Diego to Vancouver. The second is a one-way Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage. That passenger is essentially being transported from San Diego to Anchorage by way of Vancouver, which is not a distant foreign port since it is in North America. A violation would be triggered. Again, the cruise line is not likely to allow you to knowingly create a violation and would not allow the booking in the first place. If the booking slips through, Passenger Z would likely be denied re-boarding in Vancouver. Passenger Z's remedies are to book the Alaskan portion of the trip on a different ship or by including a third segment that ends at a foreign port as the final destination. Simply booking the return from Anchorage to Vancouver works because now Z's trip began in San Diego and ended in Vancouver, even though that port was on the itinerary twice.
  9. Yes, they are going to make you disembark and then embark.
  10. Coffee cards, PES drinks/food, plastic straw removal, barrel chairs, carpet color removal, butter pats, reservations in anytime, dress code, skywalker removal, specialty dining prices, theater seat saving, pool lounger hogs, buffet line cutters, non refundable deposits, private use of lounges, hierarchy of passengers issues, Parmesan bowls, gratuities, smoking, IC seat users, elevator etiquette, hand washing, on and on
  11. Useful way to get to Vancouver for a day or two prior to additional cruises. Also useful to pick up one to three cruise credits, if you have the “need”.
  12. I can't remember as there is always a lot of alcohol consumption. (Pretty sure it is anytime dining for all passengers)
  13. Americas Short Sale (August 16th – September 9th) For a limited time, enjoy Up to 40% Off† + FREE Room Upgrade‡ on select cruises to some of our most beautiful destinations: the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal, the California Coast and Hawaii. †Up to 40% off is based on a discount off applicable Launch Fares on a space-available basis at time of booking on select categories and sailings. Launch Fares are offering fares and may not have been in effect for the past 90 days or resulted in actual sales in all categories. Intermediate discounts may have been taken and fares may remain at discounted levels after this promotion. ‡FREE Room Upgrade applies to booking the stateroom location you wish to sail in for the price of the lowest category within that stateroom type (Interior to Interior, Oceanview to Oceanview, Balcony to Balcony). Upgrade offer excludes select categories, including, but not limited to, premium categories and Suites.
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