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  1. neverbeenhere

    Tell me about "The Voice of The Ocean"

    Theater and a live band.
  2. neverbeenhere

    Bottles in porter checked luggage

    Waiting for luggage is such a terrible problem; all one wants to bring aboard is shampoo.
  3. neverbeenhere

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    September 5th plus a few days. Nice weather, no children.
  4. neverbeenhere

    Avocado Toast

    Avocado goes with tortilla chip, not toast.
  5. neverbeenhere

    Elite free internet minutes

    I agree but sometimes Princess doesn’t. You’ve got to fight for your right to parrrrrty.
  6. neverbeenhere

    Elite free internet minutes

    Experiences are verifiable. Some booking a 7b2b7as individual cruises are getting 250 total minutes, some are getting 150 x 2.
  7. neverbeenhere

    College foortball/bowl games??

    ESPN and/or espn international feed are the usual suspects. But also may get a Fox, NBC feed for games too. Panama Canal Cruise can lead to a whole lot of Partido de futbol on the old tube.
  8. neverbeenhere

    College foortball/bowl games??

    Yes some will be on the tv. Which of the 50+!bowls are you hoping to watch?
  9. neverbeenhere

    Sail Away Traditions

    In stateroom rendezvous.
  10. neverbeenhere

    Credit Card hold on princess

    Last few cruises Princess has put a $ 25 pending charge on my credit card.
  11. neverbeenhere

    Izumi $49.99 - No longer a la carte?

    I see 20 - 25% discounts coming soon.
  12. neverbeenhere

    I thought Dogs weren't allowed?

    Your heck raising plan might satisfy you but it will do nothing to stop dogs from being allowed to board ships. Good luck.
  13. Ms Google can tell you all you want to know about the Miami Hop on hop off big bus.
  14. And? call the source next week.
  15. neverbeenhere

    OV v Balcony

    The value of a balcony is ** Dollars per night.