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  1. https://www.princess.com/html/global/personalizer/ssv/beverages/coffee-package-disclaimer/
  2. April 15th in the USA has led to many more disasters in the last 108 years. (Yes, I know the filing deadline has changed over the years) BTW: a god is not going to help with these disasters.
  3. I can live with those restrictions. But, i'm not sure that how long ships smaller than 100,000 ton be around. Ketchikan can't be too far behind?
  4. Warning: The shear doesn't block the inside view, please close the curtain. Please!
  5. Call Carnival for the most accurate new listing of limited suite perks available. Then decide to stay with Royal.
  6. Eddie: your percentages are correct as you have rounded them other then the fact the Canadian cruises have only a 00.46% chance of sailing.
  7. Why are we watering down my alcohol with coffee?
  8. Yup, hit the bar just outside Astoria, then hit the bars in Astoria. For a History excursion, might I suggest Fort George, the kind of fort tour I really enjoy. For you water lovers try the “excursion” to the Buoy. 😀
  9. I wanted Lucky TGO, but settled for places we hadn't been.
  10. Yes, this is a winner 100%. The chefs will knock your socks off with fantastic dishes, if you ask them.
  11. I’m hoping for escape room featuring a Caribbean jail. There seems to be enough old jails throughout the Caribbean. If not a jail, as someone raised Catholic, it could be a church escape room.
  12. I always thought of myself as the expert at every subject 😄, but Covid has brought out many expounding their expertise. I appreciate the grand knowledge. Like any business, encouraging your patrons to express an opinion to people of influence is smart business. Stay on the bus, forget about us, put the blame on me. Cruise on!
  13. As we have cruises into Grand Cayman St Thomas and Cozumel a total of one million times, I would say yes Caribbean Cruises (Yes the Gulf of Mexico was recently moved into the Caribbean ;) are the most frequent cruises for Americans. As we are on the west coast, Cabo and Juneau are also common ports for us. These cruises have become “ship intensive” cruises with a taste of ports. But we’ve sprinkled in dozens of other destinations cruises worldwide.
  14. Perhaps the buffets become choice of; cheese and crackers with the red plastic stick spreader and a can of vienna sausages OR can of sloppy joe mix with a day-old hamburger bun? In this case I'm with dog.
  15. FYI: Vaccinated passengers could also be the source of infection for others.
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