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  1. It wouldn't take much to get me back cruising. If the ship is sailing and I have the time and money to go then I would go.
  2. My first Carnival Cruise was on Breeze in 2014. Definitely not very long ago. I sailed solo and had a 1A cabin with a porthole - great room. By that cruise I had sailed enough that I wasn't overly impressed with anything (other than Guys Burgers and a hazelnut tiramisu dessert in the main dining room). My first cruise ever was on RCCL Monarch of the Seas. Apparently that cruise was life changing because I was officially team cruise after that.
  3. There are travel agencies that specialize in these surprise vacation packages although I've mostly seen weekend type getaways - no cruises. While I think it's a cool idea I would be able to give up the control. I like to plan. How do you plan when you don't know what you are planning for?
  4. I might be alone but I will miss Margaritaville. Went several times on last cruise. Probably the closest I ever came to a food coma on a ship.
  5. I simply like the idea of a designated library space. It's usually cozy, quiet and frequently empty. I find them to be a nice place to pass time and, if need be, hide out as many people completely ignore the library.
  6. Lol...I agree the foot thing is disgusting. I rarely go barefoot in my own home let alone publicly. While I've never verbally confronted anyone whose bare feet were on furniture that didn't belong to them I have been known to stare. Sometimes they notice and alter their behavior. Not a foot issue but similar... once I saw a couple refilling their water bottles right next to the very visible sign that says please don't refill your water bottles. I stared. The husband noticed and asked if he could get me something. I shook my head, smiled and pointed at the sign. They shrugge
  7. Not official answer but I've received the full shareholder credit when sailing solo in studios or other staterooms.
  8. I'm still with you. Loving how you take breaks. Gotta check the dog. Need something to eat. Life getting in the way of cruise memories. Lol.
  9. Great writing. Looking forward to more. Love the customer service pro tip.
  10. Agreed. No need to doubt. I knew when he/she said balcony or above that they must be sailing on the Epic. Good luck on your bid and enjoy your cruise.
  11. I booked a studio once and the price for balcony cabins dropped below what I paid for the studio. Moving was just a phone call. Easy peasy. This was before the current promos became a thing so I didn't benefit there.
  12. I chimed in earlier. Just wanted to say thanks again. Lovely, positive report. I enjoyed reading it.
  13. Hi. I'll chime in as following too. Thanks for taking the time. I've booked a 10 day cruise on Sun for the fall so really appreciate your thoughts and opinions.
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