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  1. Very pleased to report receipt of refund for first cruise. Reached the credit card 23rd June but dated 18th June.
  2. Thank you JPH814 for all your work. Enjoy a well earned rest at the beach. We are still waiting for 2 refunds , but it is starting to look like we may be getting closer.
  3. Thank you JPH814 for taking the time to do this. Would you please add us to the list. Cruise Date 5/9/20 Refund requested 4/1/20 (so far 65 days and still waiting) Cruise Date 5/23/20 Refund requested 4/16/20 (so far 50 days and still waiting)
  4. I booked with a TA and he has submitted our request for a refund. The letter outlining the terms and conditions was sent by Seabourn President, Richard Meadows and received March 15..
  5. However this time the letter states that if you haven't made a selection by June 1 you will have been deemed to have elected a 125% FCC.
  6. I don't think anyone can answer your question. I have bookmarked the above link and I check daily for any updates.
  7. Maybe this site helps https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/book-with-confidence.html
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-09/victoria-records-new-coronavirus-covid-19-cases/12038048 3 of the last 4 cases confirmed in Victoria, Australia had flown in from the USA.
  9. I live in Victoria, Australia, where we currently have 19 confirmed cases. Three of the last 4 cases travelled from the U.S.A. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-09/victoria-records-new-coronavirus-covid-19-cases/12038048
  10. I have to disagree. Nelson used to work in the Colonnade of an evening, when we sailed on the Quest in 2017. We sailed with my husband's brother and his wife who were both new to Seabourn and they were most impressed. We crossed paths with Nelson again last year and he enquired about the well-being of my brother and sister-in-law AND remembered what they drank!
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