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  1. Same with Carnival. We did them this year and NCL the year before Thanksgiving week. Both times 30-60 minutes after we left.
  2. The ship will need to be in international waters. I have not been out of Mobile, but if you search CC, I would assume someone has posted this at some point in time.....Most places it seems like an hour or so, but I have been out of some that seem longer (NYC and NOLA in my mind). I would just ask at the cage about the free money once the casino opens.
  3. Not sure re the casino opening. Where is it leaving from? As for the Free Play, I have heard that some ships do it as Free Play loaded, but on my last one on the Miracle in June, it was cash from the cage.
  4. 5 on the Miracle last month, but now have the upper limit in 24 hours.
  5. I believe that the 2000 bonus points can be converted to $20 of "free play" credits.
  6. I haven't been on the Glory (yet).....see Thanksgiving this year. 😉 However, I have been on 8 Carnival and 10 Norwegian sailings. We started when our kids were elementary, but bow we have twins that are 18 and a 14 daughter. We like to go back and forth depending on cost. Coming from Colorado, we don't really care which ship we are on, or where we are going as long as its a vacation where the captain (or Otto) are driving the boat, we don't have to worry who is paying for dinner, and those towels on the floor of the bathroom fold themselves (or those Steward ninjas do it?).... As a result of our back and forth we have a debate all the time on the differences......I wouldn't call one the better line etc, just different. Carnival set dining time vs NCL freestyle dining. We prefer the Carnival set up with the same table, waiters, and time each night. Carnival offers anytime dining as well, so if you prefer the "free" style you can have either on Carnival. We prefer the buffet set up on NCL. Seems like less lines to stand in. Really like the Jewel set up with islands. Also they have pasta stations that are a family favorite. On Carnival we end up hitting the Pizza Pirate a bunch! Guys/Blue Iguana on Funship2.0 is better than burgers or burritos on NCL though. NCL offers the specialty restaurants for a fee. We like the ability to choose these once in a while. Carnival usually only offers a steak house. The UBP on NCL is superior to Cheers IMO because Cheers/casino Drinks on Us card is limited to 15 drinks in 24 hours. If I sleep 8 hours, that means less than 1 drink per hour (if I wanted). That being said, have only hit the limit once, but that was because I stashed a few beers for port days. 🙂 The kids always say the younger kid club is better on Carnival, but the teen club better on NCL. The production shows on the big ships (Breakaway, Getaway, Escape, Epic) are better quality than Carnival in our opinion. The shows on the smaller NCL ships are basically the same level as the Carnival ships. We prefer the piano bar on Carnival (at least the ones with the piano in the middle of the room that rotates), more than the dueling pianos on NCL. I think this is more a comfort of the seats issue rather than the music. Seems like NCL only has folding chairs in those rooms. Both lines now have adults only areas, so not that different, but the Spice H20 on the Epic is probably the best between the 2 lines that we have seen. Not there often, but nice once in a while. The trivia on Carnival always seems to hook us. For some reason, winning a 100% pure gold plastic ship on a stick seems worth more than signatures to turn in for swag. We have played bingo on both lines. Seems about the same either way. NCL offers Deal or No Deal if you want to purchase/play. Haven't been to the Hasbro show for comparison. Casinos.....this is where I spend most of my time. I play video poker, and all the NCL ships I have been on have 8-10 of the machines I like to play (and sometimes there are 20-24 people that want to play as well). Carnival has 2-3 of these, so less variety. The pay tables are not stellar on either line, but that is the cost of travelling to all of these ports. 😉 Casino Players Clubs.....in the past 8 or so years, I would say that NCL's Casino at Seas (CAS) was better. Their comps are pretty wide open. The Carnival club (Ocean Players Club) offers bounce back, Premier, Ultra, Elite, etc with enough play. We couldn't get their dates to line up very often. In the past year or so, I think CAS is tightening down, and OPC is loosening up, so this is a fluid debate. I just check each line each time to figure out our best deal. Sorry, I went past just the kids etc, but I figure I got on a roll. 🙂 Thanks! Joe
  7. I haven't been on RCCL. Do you know if they offer video poker machines?
  8. clcjdn

    Casino At Seas

    Thanks for the clarification! I kind of glossed over the original post I guess. 🙂
  9. I just got back from a Premier on the Miracle. Based on that sailing, I would say that there will be a drawing or two that you will both be included in (one with playing cards early on and I believe another for fill your bag). There is also a Premier slot tournament, but each invited player and/or guest has to earn 2000 points to get into that. Beyond those, and the casino party when embarking, there are general drawings open to everyone in the casino. Fireball drawing, Spin to Win, etc. As for gifts, we got 2 of each they delivered (bottle openers and then those light backpacks with chocolate bars inside).
  10. clcjdn

    Casino At Seas

    Its an actual or theoretical loss of $3000. Whichever is higher. Also, keep in mind, CAS comp means paying about $300 in administrative fees/port fees not counting the gratuities on the drink package (currently $138.60) or dining package (around $14.50) per person. So in reality $600ish is the cheapest you will get out on a "comp" room.
  11. clcjdn

    Casino At Seas

    The math is a little more complex than that. CAS comes up with 2 loss calculations. 1. Your "actual" loss. 2. Your "theoretical" loss. Your actual loss when playing in a machine is automatically calculated. When at the tables you have to ask to be rated. Be careful if you hit a $1200 jackpot or better on the machines (ie the W2G rule). CAS has not counted that as an actual loss for me in the past, as they consider it their money. I put those amounts away in the safe and stick to my budget. Here is a simple example for theoretical loss: Play slot machine A the whole time. The machine is set to 80% payback, the house take is 20%. Your expected loss rate is also 20%. You bring $1000 to gamble, the expected "theoretical" loss is $200. $1000 * .2 = $200. However, this doesn't work in a straight line, so you will likely cycle some money, as in play that same $1000 more than once. Let say you can cycle that $1000 5 times in the cruise, now your coin in is $5,000 times 20% house edge, and your theoretical loss is now $1,000, same as what you brought with you. The issue is you cannot look at a slot machine and find a payback %. You can look at a video poker machine and get a payback % with perfect math. For NCL, most VP machines are about 95% payback, or 5% house edge. If you run your $1000 though them, the expected loss is $50. If you cycled 5 times, then it would go to $250, less than above. However, with a higher payback games, you should be able to cycle more. On an average trip playing 95% video poker on NCL, I expect to cycle my bank roll between 10 and 20 times. Take that same $1000 and cycle 20 times for $20,000 of coin in, and you get an expected loss of $1,000. Both of these are less than the $3,000 quoted above, so you would have to adjust your starting bank roll up to get closer to that number. CAS figures out which loss is higher, and your comp offers are based on that. Please note: I would be careful playing to get comps like this. It seems to me that CAS has been tightening the requirements for rooms and gambling just to get a comp is a dangerous business. We usually bring $5K to gamble with because we can get a comp room for less $1,000, but there are trips where it is a struggle to stay in the action and I have received a comp offer on anything from an inside to a suite on the Jewel class ships. YMMV! Joe P.S. This past June and this upcoming Thanksgiving are the first times since 2012 that Carnival has been cheaper for our family of 5 on comparable cruises, so I think they are trying to "up" their game.
  12. Should have a cocktail party for a meet and greet. Usually finger foods and free drinks.
  13. FYI, just off the Miracle Premier sailing. My casino money came as cash. I think everyone's did per the announcement.
  14. HAL rolls under the Ocean Players Club. I would start here maybe: https://oceanplayersclub.com/contact/ I went through them for some information on my next CCL Miracle cruise, it only took a few months to get the information I really wanted, but mine was very specific.....YMMV
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